QOTD - Wednesday 9/12

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QOTD - Wednesday 9/12

Do you drink out of the carton? Be honest. :D:p

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Nope, the only drink we buy in a carton is milk and I barely drink milk

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We buy milk by the gallon, and it's slightly hard to drink that way. BUT when I feel like I want a fancy milk from the local dairy I do drink from the glass bottle that it comes in, they have lots of fun flavors like root beer (which I haven't been brave enough to try), orange dream, and cotton candy.

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Sad nope, i haven't had milk in so long..... when we used to get 2 liter pops, i totally would, but i'd be the only one really drinking from it so i didn't care....but we don't pop anymore

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When I'm really thirsty and can't grab a glass quick enough before I swallow the bite that needs to be washed down.... YES! lol