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hello ladies, just wanted the say hello and whatnot again! I remember signing up back in Feb but I am terrible with keeping up on things sometimes.

I just lately started charting (last month) and hope to understand my cycles soon. The 'just let it happen' method died when I went from 32 to 55 day cycles! Hahah!

Going to add a link to my FF in my sig now Wink

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Hi Tiia and wecome! (Or should I be saying 'Bonjour et bienvenue' ? )

Jump right in and share your TTC journey with us - I hope charting helps you to figure out what's going on with your cycles!


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Hello and thanks Karen!

With one cycle charted I feel like I learned a lot already! Also, just noticed your ticker, congrats Biggrin

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Hello again and Welcome!!! Hopefully you can get your cycles figured out. I'm waiting for mine to find some regularity too.

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Thank you Anna! You too!

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Welcome!!! This is my first month of charting and using OPKs so I'm trying to figure it all out. Can't wait to get to know you!

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Thanks MrsRiggert! I haven't used OPKs yet, they're supposedly in the mail, but charting alone has help a LOT! Looking forward to getting to know you too!

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Welcome! I hope your journey to TTC is a short one Smile Glad to have you here sharing it with us Biggrin

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Welcome again! I think I recognize you from some other boards too. Smile

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Hi and welcome back! I'm glad the charting is helping you. The OPKs will really add another piece of information...hopefully they'll be the last thing you need to complete your TTC journey. :goodluck:

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Welcome back!! I hope you get your BFP soon.

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Thank you everyone! So happy to be sharing my journey with you! Smile

Jean: I actually ordered OPKs, 3-4 weeks ago, but there was a mail strike for nearly a month here in Canada, and apparently it's causing immense delays in some of our mail lol. But I totally plan on using them when they get here!!!

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Welcome back! This board is a bit busier now, so stick around (but not too long ;))!

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Welcome back and Good luck!