Really Need Encrouagement!

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Really Need Encrouagement!

Hi ladies!

So, we are trying for baby number three. My first daughter took almost two years to conceive and our second took two rounds of clomid. Since clomid worked for our second baby, we decided to use it right away for the third baby. I wasn't getting a period so my OB put me on Prometrium, but it didn't induce a period. He told me to go ahead and start the clomid anyway. I took my last pill on March 15, and I am thinking that I should be able to get an accurate result on a test by tomorrow.

I am NOT feeling very optimistic though because I took a test yesterday and the day before and they were both negative Sad (it's like every time we are TTC I develop a compulsion to pee on things) I realize I may have taken them too early but I am just not feeling confident.

Wish you all the best of luck during your TTC journey!

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Sending lots of baby dust your way! I hope that it was just too soon for you to test Smile KUP!!

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Add me to the sending baby dust list. I hope it was just too soon for you, hun! :goodluck:

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Welcome! :wavehello: I hope that you get a fast journey this time!!! Lots of luck and baby dust!