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Thread: Research I've done. (M/C Ment)

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    I actually take Vitex (1 capsule 400mg 3x a day)
    CoQ10 (1 capsule 200mg 1x a day)
    And my Maca is in a hormone balance package I bought.
    It's called Femmenessence MacaHarmony
    I take one capsule in the morning and the second in the afternoon.

    This package has organic maca root concentrate 500mg and 8mg of Potassium

    I also started taking evening primrose oil until I ovulated
    I've been taking a food based prenatal vitamin

    I track my water intake and TRY to drink at least 85oz a day but I don't always get there

    I started this cycle with Peach Detox tea as well for 3 days.
    Then switched to red raspberry leaf tea and I'm going to continue that until 7DPO

    I've seen tremendous differences in my cycle. I never really tracked them before...
    but I also know that I haven't seen EWCM in a very long time.

    Last month I got a positive OPK but never got the EWCM.
    I was playing the guessing game on whether or not I actually had watery CM...
    Playing the guessing game about my cervical changes.

    This month...after taking these supplement. I had watery CM. EWCM. Positive OPK and undeniable changes to my cervix.

    But like I say, if we didn't catch this egg we'll be doing the same thing Christa is doing. I'll try to follow her guidelines to the T
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