Saw my new OBGYN yesterday (x post with December 2012)

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Saw my new OBGYN yesterday (x post with December 2012)

And got Femara! She thinks I'm fine and being impatient but she said it shouldn't hurt to have it anyway. I'm so excited. I can't use it till next cycle but I will try with a natural cycle this month and try the Femara if it doesn't work. Maybe i will get lucky without it!

DH had a semen analysis last month and he's "normal" and they looked at me with an ultrasound and saw lots of eggs getting ready for the next 2 months so maybe the clomid still helped me a little. The OB said that Clomid shouldn't have made my cycle so long (42 days) last month so she's not sure what happened there... but maybe it will still help for this month even tho i'm not taking it again? who knows cross your fingers for me!

I'm just thankful to still be here cuz to be honest my DH is about to give up. He thinks i should just get a job and start paying off debts but i want a baby!