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    Default Seeing a doctor

    "They" say you should see a doctor after 1 year of not getting pregnant, or 6 months of not getting pregnant if you are over 35.

    What kind of doctor? Your regular GP, or an OB/Midwife, or someone else?

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    My first stop was an ob/gyn for bloodwork. When that was abnormal we moved on to an RE. I would suggest calling your ob/midwife to schedule basic bloodwork. They can help direct you somewhere else if you need to see an RE.

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    I was seeing my OB before we were TTC since I have PCOS. He started me on Metformin and Clomid to help me O and he monitored me each month to see how well I O'd. When the Clomid got to be too much for me and he said he wasn't comfortable prescribing something else he referred me to an RE who gave me a different drug that worked right away. I'd only been trying for about 6 or 7 months when I went to the RE. Because it was determined that I had PCOS and wasn't O'ing properly they took me anyway. I say if you're feeling frustrated, see a doc. It certainly can't hurt.
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    I also started with my OB. I had an appt about 7 months into our full on trying (with charting and everything). She did some tests and sent DH to a specialist. She also prescribed clomid and did our first three IUIs in her office. When we had officially been trying for a year she recommended us to the RE. They did a much more thorough job at monitoring everything which was really nice.
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    I went to my OB after a year of TTC. He did all the bloodwork and set up my HSG after that came back fine. He also did DH's SA and prescribed Clomid. I would say start with your OB/MW. If necessary they can send you to an RE.

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    Leah, I just found out I have PCOS. did you try anything herbal to help the process or just the metformin and clomid? I don't see a doctor until July and was hoping to help it in the mean time with D-Chiro Inositol and Vitex. Do you follow the pcos diet?? Hope you don't mind the questions!
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