Short Luteal Phase?

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Short Luteal Phase?

Hi girls!
I know a bunch of us have struggled with a short luteal phase (ME INCLUDED!) So I've been trying to research it more and stumbled across this:

A forum, that people started about taking vitamin b6 vs. progesterone cream and its realllly long and people tell their results- so it's pretty interesting !!

I think I might up my b6 dosage!

I'm a little nervous about the progesterone cream

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I'm trying fertilaid this month from and it's supposed to regulate your cycle. I looked and it has both b6 and b12 in it. the b6 is to lengthen the luteal phase and b12 helps to prevent miscarriage? I don't know but it is supposed to be really good stuff. I'll let you all know if i notice any difference after taking it.

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TFS, Cait! I'll read through that link in the morning (my "me" time).

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TFS!! I've only heard of luteal phase last month when someone mentioned it in one of my threads, so I'll have to track mine over the next few months to determine if I have a defect of not....
I've also read about Vitex Agnus Castus (chaste tree berry) is a natural herbal supplement that can help lengthen LP. Something else to look into right?!

@ glwolf - I have read about fertilaid but I'd like to know your results (I've read it can take several months). It's received raving reviews online, however I don't know who actually writes those reviews, and if they are true ya know? Plus it's a little expensive (I'm a substitute teacher, and DH & I just bought our first home) so I don't want to buy it unless it works!!