should i use my monitor?

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should i use my monitor?

I have the clearblue easy fertility monitor and it says you can use it to track your most fertile days even with clomid. The dr told me to have sex starting on day 10 for every other day till day 20. So i don't know if i should do that or use the monitor. I don't want to be having too much sex and have hubby blowing blanks cuz it lowers his count but i also want to get the most out of this clomid cycle. should i trust the monitor to get us as close to ovulation as we can (i've heard if you don't know about hubbys sperm count to try to BD as close to ovulation as possible) or should we listen to the dr and become sex machines? LOLOLOL

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I would use the monitor.

With normal sperm, BD'ing every day is fine. Men with sperm issues are typically told every other day with one day of abstinence between to get the best "specimen." My plan would be to start bd'ing cd10 and bd every day or every other day until your temp rises. Good luck!

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I can't say what's best but I know I conceived my daughter bd every day sometimes more than once a day (sorry tmi). I wanted to send you lots of baby dust for this cycle! I hope it's the one for you!