Sick of the worry!

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Sick of the worry!

Most of you already know my numerous/odd/nagging "symptoms", but you also know that I don't ovulate on my own which caused me to use clomid my 1st 2 pregnancies. So this would just be weird if I was pregnant with #3. I am starting to get worried though so I called the Dr. and they are having me go in for a blood test this afternoon and when/if it comes back negative they will check for cysts.

I'll update when I get back Smile


Not pregnant. And thats okay! When I was having so much pain last night and this morning, I knew it was something else. I have my appt tomorrow with the Dr so we are going to see if they are cysts for sure and go from there. So now I'm hopping over to the clomid board for try #3!!

Good luck everyone!!

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Aweeeee, sorry to hear it wasn't your time. At least you know you can get pg with Clomid, right? I hope the pain goes away soon. That's no fun!