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Hey there! Im new here...well, not new, just haven't been around here since 2008, when my son was born. I couldnt remember my user name, so I created a new account.

Anywho, we are currently TTC, as of May 2011.
This was my first month off of bc, so my cycle is out of wack...
My lmp was May 11th, but according to the OPK, my LH surge wasn't + until May 30th.
I am now on cd 32. I last tested with Thursday's FMU with a FRER and got a BFN.

I'm thinking that a HPT will not usually be + until 14 DPO.

Im trying to hold off on testing until tuesday. I'm so tired of those BFNs, but then again, I do have some symptoms...I've been really crampy with lower backache for two weeks. I never cramp, and didn't feel one contraction during labor with my son :eek: !
I'm really hoping this is it! I've never had a cycle over 29 days.

Whatcha think?

Nice to meet you all Smile

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Welcome, or should I say welcome back! I hope that your symptoms are a good sign and that your TTC journey is short and sweet. Personally, I can never resist POAS if I have one in the house, but I am a complete addict, so not always the best person to ask if you are are trying to NOT POAS. Biggrin

KUP when you do POAS though, and don't forget to share pictures!

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Hi I am a newbie the 2nd time around too.. I left in 2008 when my son was born too.. lol

I am also POAS addict too... I couldn't resist! Good Luck!! Keep us posted Smile