So relieved and had to post!
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Thread: So relieved and had to post!

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    Default So relieved and had to post!

    I went back in to the doc office today for another round of blood work to check my hcg. It's down to 29 and the doc said that's low enough that he's not concerned about it now. They are going to follow me to 0 but I don't have to have another test for 10 days. They said by then I should be down to 0 or less than 5. I just went in for blood work and didn't have an appt. but my doctor saw me in the lab and came in to talk to me about how everything was working out. I thought that was so great. I was able to ask him some questions and it really put me at ease. I start BCP today. He said with my history and all he thought it would be best to go ahead and take it for one cycle just to stop my bleeding for now and to guarantee me AF at a specific time. This means we'll be back to TTC officially in about 3 weeks! I'm so happy about that! I thought this awful limbo period would never end.

    So I start the pill tonight and I hope the time flies. This week is already going to be pretty busy already and next week we'll be out of town. So then I'll just have one week to survive through before it's back to the doc and back to fertility treatments. I finally feel like things are getting better and that I have a good chance of being pregnant again soon.
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    Leah that's amazing! What an awesome provider you have. I'm so glad that he's making sure things are going smoothly for you. SO excited that you can start TTCing so soon!
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    I'm glad to hear your good news, Leah! I hope you're successful very soon and can move forward on your journey. Being in limbo is tough.

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    Thats great news Leah! I hope the bcp is just the reset your body needs and that it doesn't take long to get your bfp next month.

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    Oh Leah that's great news! I really hope you get a BFP again soon!

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    That's awesome news! Hopefully this means you can get a BFP real soon!!

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    Sounds like you have a great doctor! Hope time flies for you.
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