sorry I've been MIA!!

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sorry I've been MIA!!

Sorry I sort of dropped off the face of the earth there ladies!
I've just gone back to work - so have been really busy getting things going there. After nearly 18 months off, it's been a bit of a challenge to say the least.
Joshua has started daycare... booo... he seems to be dealing OK with it... but Mummy is struggling a bit.
I'm sleeping like total crap these days so between that and the return to work, taking care of j in the evenings, and the expected first tri fatigue.... I'm totally shattered all the time..

and then there's the nausea... ooohhh the nausea..... Sad

will try and drop in a bit more regularly.. but no promises...

thanks Anna, for picking up the slack on the QOTD and the hot seat thread.... if anyone would like to start a Sept. testing thread, please do... I don't think I'll be around regularly enough to keep it updated all the time!!


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I hope you get more time to come around here. We miss you when you go away. I hope work gets easier as you get along. I'm looking forward to the second tri myself. I'm also hoping to see another run of BFP's around here soon!