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Hi girls!

Just curious as to how long most of you "spot" before AF arrives?

On Sunday right before bed the TP had a tinge of pink Sad so I was kind of hopeful that it was implant bleeding since I was only 7ish DPO.

However, Monday morn I wiped and it was a heavier "spot" on the TP so I decided AF came early. Was bummed because that meant my luteal phase was only 7-8 days max, but glad to at least get the next cycle started.

I put a tampon in, thinking it would be needed (usually, once I spot, AF comes full force the next day) when I pulled it out (sorry TMI) there was only a tinge on there, and same with the next one... and then yesterday I figured it'd REALLY be here and there was nothing at all on the tampon.

Today I woke up expecting full force for sure, and nothing at all...

Do you ever spot a bit, then stop, then start af later?? How long does it usually take for you once you start spotting to get AF?

Would I not count the other day as CD1 since it "dried up" for now, and wait for the real flow to start before counting it as CD1?

Im just a little stressed where to end that cycle and where this cycle begins! :eek:

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I'm no expert but I wouldn't count that as AF, not until you have some actual flow. It still could be implantation spotting, so I have my fingers crossed for you Smile

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When I got pregnant with DS, I spotted enough that I thought I was getting my period at first, but it never got going, just like you describe. I took a test a few days later when it never got going, and got a BFP. I usually don't spot before a period, I cramp for a few hours and then it just starts up and doesn't stop til it's done. This past month, however, I weirdly spotted for like 3 days before it started. Anyway, if it doesn't start in the next day or two, I'd test!

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I don't spot before my AF arrives. She just comes full force. I hope this is a good sign for you! Just know that sometimes our bodies get messed up thanks to wacky hormones.

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I have spotted like that before. Not every cycle. I usually spot the day before AF on most cycles. But in the past I have had situations where I spot on like CD 25 and 26, and then not on 27 or 28, and then start my period on 29 or 30. And it's seriously annoying!!