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spotting question

I had a Mirena IUD for almost 2 years and had it taken out about 2 weeks ago so we could ttc. I then started my period 3 days later, and had it for a solid 7 days. I have been charting and using opks, and got a positive opk yesterday so we are bding every day right now. However, last night after bding i went to the bathroom and had some very very light spotting when i wiped. Then again this morning one more time when I wiped. It was very faint pink and not much at all. Is it possible that is just from bding? I've never had that before... Could it be ovulation bleeding? I've never had that happen before either though. Definitely not implantation bleeding. I'm still getting positive opks today, so I don't think I've ovulated yet, and we have only dtd the last 2 days. Help! Confused here! TIA.

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It could very likely be from BDing. I've heard of that happening before, especially if it was at all vigorous or you were at all dry. I know for some women getting off hormonal BC, it can take a while for their system to regulate to normal and others go right back to normal right away. Hopefully the spotting was only from the BD sessions and you catch that eggy!

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I had my Mirena for 7 years (well, I actually had two in that time, but you know what I mean!) and had almost the same experience as you - I had it taken out at the beginning of October, started AF after about 3 days, had a lightish kind of flow for about 7 days, and then had some very light spotting on and off throughout the month. My first cycle lasted five days longer than normal, but I did not get pregnant that first month despite 17 straight days of BDing (seriously :eek: I was on my honeymoon for 10 days of that, so give a girl a break! Wink ).

Then, this month, the second month without my IUD, I got a BFP on CD12! So good luck! Hang in there and give your body a month or two to get back to normal... I hope you have much luck in conceiving!! Biggrin

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Well I had a similar experience, but not with IUD, I was on the Neuva Ring for 5 years. I took it out and had a regular period for 4-5 days - then on CD 15 I had another period. But I don't know if I had O'ed or not tho.

I hope everything works out for your and your cycles get back to normal quickly Smile

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I've had that happen - especially after a lot of 'vigorous activity' so if you've been BDing a lot my money would be on that.
I haven't had an IUD but I did have the ring and my first cycle off was messed up and long too. Seems to be the norm after coming off some sort of BC.

Good luck!