Still going to be here.

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Still going to be here.

Well, as soon as I made the blood work appointment the :witch:showed up. Guess we will try for May 2012.

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Sorry going off the pill gave you a wonky cycle, I hope they even out soon and that you get a BFP this cycle :bigarmhug:

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Nooooo! I'm sorry. Hopefully this next cycle will be the one.

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I'm sorry. Hopefully your body is now back to normal and this will be your month!

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hugs... good luck next month!

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Very Sorry, but will cross my fingers for May!

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Sorry it didn't happen this month. In the same boat over here. Better luck this time around!

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Maybe we'll all be on the same BB in May 2012!!! Good luck next month to all!

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I hope so! Thanks for all of the support!