Tasha / MrsVTB You're in the Hot Seat! Aug. 11

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Tasha / MrsVTB You're in the Hot Seat! Aug. 11

Hey Tasha! You're up!

What's your current job?
What was your first job? Best job? Worst job?

PS: Here's the list for upcoming Hot Seat people - be sure to let me know if you no longer want to 'play'! Wink

Neela - youngmom08
Anna - AnnaRO
Karen - k_canuck
Jackie - alwayssmile
Jessica - SuzieQ16
Rachel - readytoplanmom
Marianne - mwilliamson006
Tiia - Kita Angel
Erin - E-Koz

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What is your favorite memory from childhood?
What would your dream car be?

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Favorite movie of all time?
Favorite dessert?
In truth or dare are you more likely to pick truth, or dare?

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Favorite reality TV show?
Favorite Book?
Go to Chick Flick?

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Dream job?

Dream vacation?

If you could meet any historical person who would it be and why?

Favorite day of the week?

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Sorry im late work had me going crazy !! My current job is a bank teller My first job was at bath and body works lol ughh !! My favorite job is actually the bank to be honest ! And my worst job was Starbucks . The people were nice but the customers drove me crazy! My favorite child hood memory is waking up every christmas and seeing the mounds of toys we had !!! My dream car had to be a range rover !!! Ughh they are soo hot! Lol my favprite movie of all time has to be Whats love got to do with it ! My favorite dessert is chunky monkey ice cream By ben and jerrys omg ladies a must try! Im a DARE kind of girl !! My favorite reality so for now is they Braxton family values because it reminds me of my sisters smdh ! Favorite book is The Kite Runner. My favorite chick flick is Where The Heart Is ! Its so good !! My dream job is to be an Ob/GYN the female body is amazing ! Dream vacation is either St Tropez or Bora Bora. Ummm historical figure Ghandi. Because he is the basis in which all good people stem .. Favorite day is FRIDAYYY because its PAY DAYYYYY!!! Every friday is a good Friday at the bank lol

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What's your favorite food? What's one food you dislike?

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My favorite has to be salt fish and baked dumplings ( soo West Indian .. I knoow hahaha) umm octopus ,clams, oysters and escargot!! Lol basically anything slimy i hate !!