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So I bought a BB thermometer today and read up on temping after the fact. I didn't realize it messes it up if you have an irregular sleep schedule and if you get out of bed. Does everyone follow these rules?

I typically get up in the middle of the night to pee, or to let the dog out. My dog has been waking in the middle of the night for like 2 years now. I can't remember when I slept through the night. Plus sometimes I work seriously late and get insomnia when I get home, because I can't turn my brain off.

So is it pointless for me to temp if I have such an irregular sleep schedule?

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you probably won't have the prettiest chart but it's still worth it. As long as you can get 3 hours of sleep before you will be ok. I have similar issues and I still temp. If you wake up and don't think you'll get back to sleep for 3 more hours then take it then. That's what I do, sometimes my temp is 4am because I've woken up to pee. If I wake anytime before 3am I don't worry about it because I'll most likely get 3 hours after that.
Now I do notice that my middle of the night temps tend to be slightly lower than my normal wake time temps but overall it shows a pattern. (for instance my temp at 3:50 this am was 36.67 and my 7 am temp was 36.77).

Good luck!

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i had issues when i tried last month with no change in temps, but I am lucky to her two hours sleep at a time, and it was also a cold snap so i was rugged up in bed which I have been told can affect it. Nice I find my thermometer again I will start temping this month, but I was using it for DS because i couldn't find his and he took it for a walk as well

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I think you should go ahead and try it for a while. I have a rough time too with dd, but I can still see shifts in my temps.