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Test results

I got all of my test results today and for the most part everything seems ok. Dr said all my bloodwork was perfect, including progesterone. I didn't ask for any #'s because I'm not sure what I'd do with them - and I trust her to tell me if anything was only marginally ok.

The only iffy result was my ultrasound - they found a cyst near my ovary. Not on my ovary (and she had a term for it). She said it shouldn't be impeding me from getting pg, and if I am pg this cycle, everything should be fine. Anyways, she's sending me for the more invasive ultrasound: sono-hyster...something? Just to be sure.

I also had got a referral to a fertility specialist, but the appt isn't until April. She offered to refer me somewhere else so I have her the name of a friend's specialist. She said that I'm probably not considered to be a "priority" appt because I haven't been trying for a yr yet and once had 2 successful pregnancies without any intervention, hence the length of time for the referral. But, she offered to try another clinic to see if I'd get in any faster.

Anyways, today is CD 10 and I'm hoping I DBMS
need to move forward with any more tests - I may POAS tomorrow (not sure I'm ready for more disappointment!)

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That's a great sign, I'm so relieved to hear you had some good news (minus cyst but that doesn't sound horrible)

Our apt is tomorrow, how do you feel about a fertility doctor? And pills to help?

I've been going back and forth, and I just don't know if I want it.

I'm nervous, I even thought about canceling I don't know why.
Thanks for having an update, it makes me feel a bit better.

Good luck POAS!! Baby vibes julie!

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Sounds like a good appointment Julie! And I'd wait to POAS too personally!

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Sounds like a good appointment. I just finished my investigative cycle with a fertility specialist - MANY MANY ultrasounds and blood work. The test is a sonohysterogram I had one done a couple of weeks ago...it's really not that bad.

Good luck to you