TMI question for BTDT moms RE:TTC (XP)

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TMI question for BTDT moms RE:TTC (XP)

so..... I'm getting back in the swing of TTC and trying to keep track of my CP. I feel like it's Low, Firm, Open. I don't remember that ever being something... :confused: so I'm wondering... is it normal now that an entire 8.5lb child has gone through there for it to always feel a little open?

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Yes, it is normal after you've had a child for it to always be a bit "open". The dimple should feel bigger. You should notice over time a change still and will learn how your new cervix feels. I remember reading that somewhere in the TCYOF.

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Yes, most women have a slightly 'wonky' - as my midwife put it - cervix after having a baby. I don't check my CP, but I would imagine that a 'wonky' cervix would feel different than a pre-baby cervix.

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Totally normal. Even though I'm a biologist and don't normally get grossed out by, well, just about anything, this kind of creeped me out the first time I checked my CP post-baby.

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YUP, after 2 kids mine always feels the same and never really closes. i don't even check mine anymore cuz it never changes. but it does go high and low Smile

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Mine too, it changes from soft to hard and high to low so that's what I monitor.

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So glad to know I'm normal! Smile Unfortunately though I'm thinking I was not as perfect w/my BD timing as I thought. oh well. will hopefully figure it out within the next cycle or so!

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LOL. BTDT, but with a C-section so I guess it's normal but I have NO idea! My cervix never got past 1cm dialated in labor soo.....? Isn't funny all the things we never knew before TTC?