Today's ranting...

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Today's ranting...

I am so sorry that I am ranting already. Lol but there are things I must say

1) Can people park? I went for blood test at hospital and I seen at least four people parked in between the lines. What dildos eh!!

2) I am on day 3 of my cycle and on metformin and but I totally forgot the inconvenient side effects it has. Trying to walk to get anywheres without having to go to the bathroom right away. Lol

Have yourselves a great day Smile

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Bad parking is totally one of my biggest pet peeves!! I hate it. Especially if someone parks waay to close to me after I'm already parked somewhere. It's even worse now that I have kids I have to put in carseats.

Sorry about the side effects of the meds. My FIL is on that for his diabetes.

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Lurker and fellow metformin user - I have found that those side effects (for me anyway) are directly related to what I eat. If I eat anything to fatty or oily I know there will be "issues" but if I avoid those foods, no issues

(And I totally agree, some people cannot park to save their lives!)

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@ Anna- Yeah I hate when they park too close too. I have to push in my gut.
@ Audrey- I will give that a try not to eat too much of that.