Tonight was fun

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Tonight was fun

Tonight was fun. Tonight happened because we wanted it to, not because the OPK or calendar said we should. Tonight the rain was romantic and the lights were dim and we just wanted to. It was nice.

I wish there were more nights like tonight. I wish i could make those "it's time" nights into nights like tonight - because our odds would be so much better that way.

Sometimes it's hard to remember nights like tonight, but I will try harder and maybe there will be more and maybe I'll get my BFP Smile

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Awww. That was so nice to read(-: Sounds like you had a dream night. Good for you!!!

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So sweet Smile So glad you had a good night with no agenda so to speak Smile

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Love it!! I hope you find a way to make all the nights romantic and sweet like that.

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So happy to hear Smile
Hoping for more good night's like that for you

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Awww, yay! Those kinds of nights are so important. Smile

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That's so wonderful!

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Glad you had such an awesome night