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TTC #1

Hi everyone,
I have never joined a group or posted on forum before. My Best Friend suggested this forum to me so I thought why not.
My partner and I have been ttc for 13 months with no success. All tests have come back fine so far. Booked in for laparoscopy with dye on Friday.
I'm at the point now where I'm feeling so over ttc, cd#1 today and feeling gutted. I'm a bit apprehensive about lap on Friday. Has anyone else been through this that can give me a heads up with what to expect after the procedure?


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I have no advice but understand your frustration. I ttc'd for 10 months with DS and I finally booked the appointment with a fertility specialist - but I conceived 2 weeks before the appointment. I wish you all the best on your journey!

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Hey you! :bigarmhug:
I'm glad you signed up. You'll get some really great help and support from this board and others.

I have found during my two laparoscopies that the more they do while they're in there, the more it hurts after. The thing that hurt more for me was the referred shoulder tip pain. Laying down helped heaps. You may bleed a little bit after too, and don't be scared if you see some blue dye left over on your pad from the dye studies.


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How are you feeling now?

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I have SO been where you are!! It took us 29 cycles to conceive DD! We had all the testing done too. I hated the HSG (which is what I think you may referring to with the laparoscopy). Turned out for us that DH had low sperm count, but we did finally manage to conceive on our own. I hope the road isn't as long for you! If you have questions or concerns or just want to vent feel free to do it here!!

How did the laparoscopy go?

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Hi. Thanks for the replies.
So turns out that I had endo! My ovaries were stuck to my pelvis. :confused: I was very surprised, as was my ob/gyn!
It's all been removed now so just recovering. I didn't get the gas pains in my shoulders so I was lucky I think. Just tender in my belly and I don't work we'll with codeine so was pretty yuck for the first couple of days. DD was lovely really supportive and would not let me lift a finger to help with anything so I got to recover. He's the best.
We will try again this month and hope for two pink lines this month.
AnnaRO 29 months must have been heart breaking. But glad it all turned out well for you.

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Welcome! Glad you got if figured out and taken care of! I can't imagine going through what some of you have. Best of luck to you TTC this month! I hope you get your + Biggrin