ttc baby no. 4

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ttc baby no. 4

hi im new be gentle with me lol
this is the first pregnancy i have ever "planned" with ov dates etc etc i had never heard of anything like this before.
i am 39 and my periods used to always be every 2 weeks. however as ive gotten older they have evened out to once a month. i came off the pill in january 2011. ttc since then but only really started to delve into ov dates etc
my last periods were 14/4, 10/5 and 6/6 all 4 days long. i have been bd since last thursday up until and incl. sunday just gone and a few times in the week after period fin.
when would i have ovulated? i did see ewcm last month but i havent noticed any this month. i have got a yuk taste in my mouth and ive been sleeping days and nights. this morning i have a pain between my armpit and boob. does this sound promising? i would love to know if i am estimating correctly that i would have ovulated sunday? pls someone help me out as im a novice to planning LOL thanks Dirol

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The best way to figure out when you ovulated after the fact is to count backwards. Unless you have issues with a luteal phase, it should consistently be the same length (14 days). So if your most recent AF arrived on 6/6, count backwards 14 days to find out when you O'd. Of course, this isn't very helpful in the moment, so OPK's can help with that or if you are temping you will start to see a pattern and be able to predict O better.

I notice your last cycle appears to be 28 days. If this is the normal cycle length for you then it's likely that you are Oing around day 14 of your cycle routinely. If you want to actually chart your Cycle, CM, Temps and other things there is a charting feature on this site or you can use a site like Fertility Friend. Those can be helpful.

Welcome to! I am glad that you have decided to share your journey with us. Keep us posted on how you are doing. This site has some really wonderful people on it that are always there to support and help and offer advice.