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    Default TTC Check in

    TTC #
    TTC how long?
    JLIH, Active or obsessed?
    Favorite HPT brand?
    OPK's or charting?
    Do people IRL know you are TTC?
    How's it going?
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now?
    Favorite color?
    Favorite food?
    Any hobbies?

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    Name/Age Crystal - 32
    TTC # - 2 for me 1 for DH
    TTC how long? - 19 months
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? - obsessed, we started off JLIH for about 2 months, expecting it would be easy...
    Favorite HPT brand? - FRER
    OPK's or charting? - both
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? - yes but very few, only close friends and my mother
    How's it going? - not great
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? - it's the only enjoyable part of still TTCing!
    Favorite color? - Red
    Favorite food? - pizza
    Any hobbies? - I love reading, and I am excited to start hitting the gym again!

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    Name/Age: Megan, 23
    TTC #: 2
    TTC how long? This is our 1st cycle in our 3rd time trying for baby #2.
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? Obsessed ... Really want it to happen this month or we will take a 2 month break so that I can finish the spring semester 2013 before giving birth.
    Favorite HPT brand? FRER
    OPK's or charting? Using OPK's for the 1st time this month.
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? Our parents know that we are trying. My friends know we want another baby soon, but not that we are trying.
    How's it going? I'm optimistic and also a nervous wreck.
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? It's still very fun !
    Favorite color? Orange
    Favorite food? Mexican
    Any hobbies? Scrapbooking, Reading, Sewing, Trying to organize our apartment and failing
    10/2008 11/2011

    It's a Boy !!! Nolan is due 3/2 !

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    Name/Age: Pam 30
    TTC #: 2
    TTC how long? 8 months
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? obsessed!
    Favorite HPT brand? which ever one is one sale or I have a coupon for
    OPK's or charting? both
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? very few
    How's it going? slow, irregular cycles, but the provera and clomid are helping
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? fun when i'm not close to O, but seems like work at O time.
    Favorite color? green
    Favorite food? anything really, but if i had to pick just homemade tacos
    Any hobbies? Stampin Up (cardmaking and scrapbooking), gardening, playing volleyball at the YMCA pool
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    TTC Check in

    Name/Age: Tiffany/35
    TTC : 7th earthly child 10th pregnancy
    TTC how long? This is our first month back after losing our son in April.
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? Obsessed!
    Favorite HPT brand? FRER
    OPK's or charting? OPKs
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? Yeah kinda they all know we lost our son at 14 wks and that we were going to try again sometime.
    How's it going? Okay I stress easily right now and feel fragile bc of our 3 losses.
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? It's turning into work!
    Favorite color? Dark blue
    Favorite food? Fettuccine Alfredo
    Any hobbies? No time!
    Mom to 6 on earth + 5 angels.

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    Name/Age "pico" 28
    TTC # 4
    TTC how long? can we call it -1 month? we're TTC next cycle
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? hmm... kind of JLIH but I'm an avid charter. I won't be scheduling DTD, though
    Favorite HPT brand? wondfo... nice and cheap
    OPK's or charting? both
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? some know we're considering it, but only friends. Family doesn't know
    How's it going? n/a
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? we're going to keep it fun.
    Favorite color? I was just thinking about this while out walking today. the color of chicory (here, if you're curious
    Favorite food? let's be honest. chocolate
    Any hobbies? does making babies count? sewing, knitting, crochet, and any other craft which crosses my mind
    big boy 12.8.07 @ 39+2 7lbs 8oz, 20.5" BFed for 13 months
    middle boy 8.12.09 @ 39+4 7lbs 9oz, 21" BFed for 13.5 months
    little boy 4.26.11 @ 38+4 6lbs 14oz, 19.5" BFed until 26mo and again 30-37mo
    baby boy 10.25.13 @ 41+0 8lbs 15oz, 21.5"
    8.16.12 & 12.16.12
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    Name/Age: Michelle, 23
    TTC #: 1
    TTC how long? 17 almost 18 months
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? Was obsessed, now taking a more JLIH route.
    Favorite HPT brand? Answer
    OPK's or charting? Neither, was charting for a while though
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? No, no one besides my DH and myself
    How's it going? Horrible but at least I am JLIH now.
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? It was starting to feel like work, but we have been able to make it fun once again
    Favorite color? Pink
    Favorite food? Pizza
    Any hobbies? I absolutely love to bake/decorate cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc.

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    Name/Age: Elizabeth (31)
    TTC # 1
    TTC how long? 4 months
    JLIH, Active or obsessed? Active.
    Favorite HPT brand? Not sure I have one yet.
    OPK's or charting? Opk's yes! I'm charting CM and cervix position, but not temping yet.
    Do people IRL know you are TTC? A few friends and family
    How's it going? It would be going a lot better if I were preggers right about now.
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now? Still fun, so that's good.
    Favorite color? Today its Green
    Favorite food? Any kind of chips and dip, Guacamole, hummus, salsa.
    Any hobbies? I used to crochet, but I haven't done it in a a year.

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    Name/Age: Jess (25)
    TTC #: #1
    TTC how long?: Just starting
    JLIH, Active or obsessed?: Active, but will likely soon join team Obessed.
    Favorite HPT brand?: Wondfo for cost effectiveness, but FRER.
    OPK's or charting?: Both!
    Do people IRL know you are TTC?: Sort of? Friends who are TTC as well know, and close family knows that we're not preventing. My parents have been giving me the "give us grandkids" prod for a few years.
    How's it going?: It's going, I guess. I'm learning a lot about myself.
    Is the BDing still fun or is it work now?: It's still fun, FH is sure loving it.
    Favorite color?: Green
    Favorite food?: I love pasta, any kind.
    Any hobbies?: ​I knit, scrapbook, and sew. The craft space is in turmoil since the move, but hoping to get going again soon!
    Jessica ( 28 ) - Surprise BFP!

    Losses 13.09.12 & 10.04.13

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    it's hard for me to format it right but here are my answers
    Wendy nearly 28
    Ttc number two
    Starting next cyckeso in a couple of weeks.
    It will be active, I have found charting appears to not be working for me as my DS still wake a lot at night. So i he her had any temp changes, opks were a bit dodgy as well, but they will be what I rely on seeing as I am still breast feeding so my cycles may not be fully settled yet
    I love seeing the word pregnant on a digi, but live for internet cheapies
    Both, but probably more opks
    No, lots of people know I want another soon though but think I am waitinguntilseptember
    Not applicable seeing as i'm not yet starting
    Being is always work for me, it's not something I really get into and truth be told find it very painful and not all that big a deal
    Blue and yellow
    Umm all the stuff that's not good for me
    I have no real hobbies, i had to give up all my sport and stuff because of hubbys work schedule and having dsso I guess my hobby now is sitting home alone with DS every night doing nothing but fighting him to go to bed.

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