TTC with hypothyroidism?

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TTC with hypothyroidism?

Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble conceiving due to hypothyroidism? I have had it for almost 3 years but just now got a formal diagnosis and meds, my first dr. Did not run the right tests so I was pretty much sent away thinking I must be crazy or that what I felt was normal postpartum issues. It all started when I had my DD in October 08. A little over a year ago we decided to TTC for number 2, but we decided we just wanted to let it happen so no charting or temping this time. We tried for about three months at a time and then took breaks, but then stopped for a while in march due to a cross country move. I never thought it would be this hard to get pregnant after having one baby on our first try! I'm not totally stressed or upset, I know it will happen when it's meant to and I am still pretty young. We are now taking another break while I get on the right dose of thyroxine, and I think I will try to lose some more weight now that my metabolism shouldn't be as slow as a 50 year olds...dr said if things go as planned I will have my 19 year old metabolism back, and I know I can lose weight easily if that is ever the case! I have about 50 to lose before my ideal weight to get pregnant. Anyway, hiii Smile just wanted to come in and introduce myself!

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Hello! I had a very similar situation while trying to conceive my second child. Conceived the first one on the first try, and had trouble with the second one. I went through the whole fertility workup and was diagnosed with hypothyroid. We were planning on using Clomid, but it was on hold until the TSH was in a good range. After a month of synthroid, the TSH was good, and I ended up getting pregnant within a few days of getting the go-ahead to try naturally.

So it appeared that that completely solved the problem for me, at the time. I hope you can get that lucky! You will probably notice a huge improvement in how you feel, anyway. I know other people that are hypothyroid, on medicine that have had no issues getting pregnant too. It seems that amongst the two RE's that I've had and one endocrinologist, they want the TSH definitely lower than 2, and preferably closer to 1. There seems to be a lot of discrepancy over what it should be for getting pregnant.

I am still taking synthroid and thought it'd be a cinch to get pg with number 3, but it seems I have a whole bunch of other issues now. I guess our bodies are always changing! Best of luck to you.

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I was diagnosed with Hashi's while we were trying for #1. I'd had a miscarriage (likely caused by the Hashi's) and my cycles were all over the place. I was diagnosed in June 2009 and started meds right away. I was pregnant by the end of August with DS.

My Endo wanted my TSH below 2 while pg and I had it tested every month. I went totally hypo about 3 months after having DS and it's taken a while to get my levels stable and nice and low again. Recent testing has showed it's at 1.4 so we're good to go for #2!

We're not exactly 'actively trying' yet.. just not preventing at the moment as I've just stopped the minipill, am still BFing DS and have just started charting again to see what's going on with my cycles...

FX for all of us that it doesn't take too long!