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Is anyone else obsessively reading about pregnancy symptoms, comparing charts, and simply thinking about it ALL the time? I have never wanted anything so badly, but I think I'm going a little nuts. I wish the signs weren't also signs for your period. It's almost cruel!

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The obsession with it develops rather quickly once you get serious about TTC. It's natural I think, because I get very into it and very obsessed with it when TTC. I think the whole process is cruel. For weeks at a time you can do nothing but wait and in the meantime you just overanalyze ever tiny little symptom to the point that you begin to wonder if you are imagining the signs! It's craziness.

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I did way back in the early days of TTC DS. It gave me something to do at least! lol.

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I also went through the total TTC obsession when I first started this process (and probably for the 1st year, to be honest! ROFL ) It eases up after awhile, but hopefully you'll get your BFP fast and won't have to worry about it! And I admit that at certain times of my cycle, it is STILL all I can think about. :rolleyes: :goodluck:

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I wish I didn't obsess about it so much. I just feel like I already waited too long, and I'm not getting any younger. I know I would probably be more relaxed if I weren't thinking about it so much. All I can say is that I'll try to act normal. lol

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That's all I can say about that. haha..

The more I'm on the boards the more I think about it as well. When I got busy with school and life and didn't get online very much, it made time go by much faster and I didnt think in terms of "What day is it?" "CYCLE DAY 6!!"

Literally thats how I think now everytime I hear what day is it question.. hahahahahha!!!

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YES and YES and YES. Smile