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TTC Spaces!

Okay so the Birth Boards have Spaces and this idea was submitted to have TTC Spaces, so here we go. We'll follow some of the same stipulations as the BB Spaces.

This is a NO REPLY thread. If you have a picture or event you would like comments on, please post a new thread with that information. Take a space and then come back (frequently) and edit it to update it with new information. It can have anything you would like to put in it. Things like, When you started TTC, whether you already have children, how the extended family reacts (if they know) to you TTC.

Pictures are always great. Post pics of your OPK's, HPT's, links to your chart and chart overlays, and of course pics of that elusive BFP, and then a link to your BB Space would be great so we can follow your progress.

This lets everyone else see where you are at a glance.

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Elizabeth's TTC Space

Hi, My name is Elizabeth. My husband's name is Trevor. We pastor a church in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

We are trying to conceive baby #3. (Hoping for a boy!)

We have two wonderful children already- Aidan (5) and Ainsley (1.5).
In May I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks.

We are praying for a healthy and sticky bean soon!

Our family at Christmas

Right after Ainsley was born

Where We're At Now...
Waiting for AF Cycle #14. Getting discouraged. Considering putting TTC on hold for a while.
Check out my chart- the link is located in my signature.

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Jackie's Space

I am currently mostly NTNP (not trying, not preventing). ROFL My cycle is back despite BFing around the clock. Would love to have a baby (bad baby fever), but I know right now isn't the best time. My husband is in the Air Force and is currently training to be a pilot. He will get his wings at the end of Sept. We have one son, Aiden, who was born November 2nd, 2010. It took us 3 years of no BC to conceive him. Hopefully it won't take another 3 years to have #2!

First PP cycle: June 21st, BFN of course since I had been out of town lol
Second PP cycle: August 3rd, +OPKs 8/20 and 8/21

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Megan's TTC Space



DH and I are officially TTC baby #3. We REALLY want another girl but have decided to be on team green this time around.

:kaos3: About Me :kaos3:

I'm Megan and I'm 27. DH is Jared and is 30. We have 2 kids right now, Lexi who will be 3 August 1st and Zayne who is 19 months (born December 13, 2009). I am a teacher at a small K-12 school in the middle of Nebraska. I teach students with Behavioral/Emotional Disorders and LOVE my job. I also am starting my 2nd year as the High School Cheerleading coach. I definately keep busy but wouldn't have it any other way.

Cycle #1 July 13

Positive OPK-July 25,2011
O Date (according to chart)-
AF Due August 7th, Testing will start August 3rd ROFL

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Karen's TTC Space

About Me:

My name is Karen. I'm 38, DH is 43. I am Canadian but have been living in Switzerland for nearly 9 years. DH is Swiss. I am an Elementary school teacher in an International School. We were married in August 2008 and started trying for #1 right away.
We got pg quite quickly, but sadly miscarried at 10 wks. After that my cycles were pretty messed up. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in June 2009 and put on meds to control my hypothyroid. 2 months later we learned we were pg again. Our son Joshua was born on May 1st 2010.
Now we're back and trying for #2! I stopped the minipill on June 22nd and am still BFing DS. I started charting to see what was going on. Looks like things are back on track.
Just hoping it doesn't take us a year to get pg again this time! At my age, the clock is ticking pretty loudly! Wink


#1 - June 23rd first day off of minipill. O'd on CD 19. Not trying, Not preventing. Test date July 25th

SURPRISE!!! It's a BFP!!


July 25th - 14 DPO!

Oh. My. Word. We're in shock over here!! :eek:

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Jean's TTC Space

About Us

[INDENT][INDENT]I'm Jean age 40, DH is Bill age 48. I'm an elementary band and orchestra teacher and DH is in sales. We met a little later in life, and married in June of 2010.

Look closely....we're a mixed marriage. (Yankees-Mets! :ROFL:)

We've been trying unsuccessfully to get pg ever since. We've had 3 CPs, possibly 4, that we know of. Along the way, we've had a ton of tests.

I'm currently taking advantage of the opportunity to drop a few pounds before getting pg (and I could stand to lose more than a few.) 11 so far! Yay! I'm hoping that I'll get to 20 before getting pg. [/INDENT][/INDENT]

What's Next for Us?

Cycle #16 - apparently another CP Sad
Cycle #17 - September 2011. IUI #1 - BFN
Cycle #18 - October 2011. IUI #2 -
OMG!!! +HPT on October 28th! Beta coming on 10/31. Stick little bean, stick!!!

10/31 Beta # - 34.8. Not spectacular, but officially knocked up! Repeat beta on 11/2.

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Marianne's TTC Space



We are ttc our third baby. We have two girls, and we are hoping and praying for a boy this time. [COLOR=Purple]Please no FB comments! Will update later! [/COLOR]

Cycle 1 was negative. Moving on to cycle two. Going to be using OPKS, and Ovuview to track my cycle and temperatures.


GOT OUR BFP 9/6/11. Cycle 2 TTC.

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Michelle's TTC Space



My name is Michelle and I have been married to my DH for close to two years now. In December 2010 we decided it was the right time to TTC. We would be happy with either a baby boy or girl, as long as he/she is healthy.

Well, DH and I have now been TTC #1 for almost 13 months. We decided more aggressive action was needed if we ever hope to have a baby in our arms. DH went in for a S/A 1/16/2012 and the results came back perfect, which we are absolutely thrilled about! Which brings us to me...I have my first OB/GYN appointment Feb. 2nd to find out what could be causing our infertility and what we can do to conquer it.

1/16/2012 - DH S/A came back perfect
02/02/2012 - First appointment with an OB/GYN endometriosis is suspected but not confirmed. Ultrasound is scheduled for 02/15/2012

Ultrasound and blood work came back perfect. Now left pondering if everything is perfect, why is this taking so long!?!

Upcoming Appointments

March 5th - Vaginal Ultrasound to confirm Ovulation
March 13th - First RE appointment

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Erin's TTC Space

Hello all!!! I'm Erin (25) and DF is 28. We live in So Cal and I absolutely love it! By trade I am a certified Child Life Specialist and finishing my certification in Infant Massage Education. However, with the economy in California and the low # of jobs available in my field, I'm not practicing at the moment. I will be starting an admin job for a big insurance company in September fulltime. DF is in sales. We have a son , Ethan, who just turned 2 and was a part of the June 09 BB. Since having DS I have had one chemical pregnancy and one miscarraige. The miscarraige is recent, I lost the baby on 6/18/11 at 8 weeks. It was really hard as we saw the heartbeat in the ER on 6/10 (cramping and bleeding) and then again at the OB's office on 6/13. It just wasn't meant to be and I passed all the tissue in the ER the second time on 6/18. Since then, DF and I have talked and we have decided to really try this time (both the previous 2 were unplanned). So here we are!!! I have yet to get AF since the M/C so I'm waiting to get it back so we can try next cycle. We were BD'ing after 2 wks after the M/C so it is always possible that I could be pregnant....waiting a little longer to test. I can't wait to be pregnant!!!!!!!!! This will be our last baby, I only want two and will be happy with either a boy or girl. I will just be ecstatic that it's a healthy baby.

Journey to BFP Timeline
7/21/11 5 wks post M/C: BFN (Come on AF!)

7/26/11 STILL no AF....and still BFN. UGH!

7/28/11 6 wks post M/C....still no AF. Put in a bulk order for OPK's and HPT's for next cycle.

8/2/11 BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm preggo with #2!


Matt and I

Me preggo with Ethan at 40 weeks

My favorite pic with Ethan

Ethan a few days old

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Amber's TTC Space


About Us
I'm Amber, 25, DH is Chris, 35. We got married in Dec/06, and waited about a year before TTC. We got pg fairly quickly but unfortunately that pregnancy ended in m/c at 13.5 weeks. The m/c took a long time to work its course, but the first cycle afterwards I got pg again, this time with our son Mason who was born via c-sec April/09. When he was around 6 months we decided to TTC #2, but I was still BFing and hadn't gotten AF back yet so we weren't sure how long it might take. We were a bit surprised when we caught the first egg and a month after we started trying we got a bfp! My VBAC baby Isaac was born Aug/10.

My Chart/Cycles
We have been NTNP since Isaac was about 5 months old now, and PPAF showed up in May, on his 9 month birthday to be exact! We started TTC and got pg (while BFing) on PP cycle #4, but unfortunately that ended in m/c at around 7 weeks. After a 41 day cycle AF is back so we are now TTC again, this time Isaac has weaned so hopefully the LP issues I had before the m/c will not be there anymore. This third child will almost definitely be our last, so I am desperately hoping for a girl.

TTC after our miscarriage
Cycle #1 - November 25, 2011 - 28 days - no ovulation charted
Cycle #2 - December 23, 2011 - O'd CD18 - Faint BFP @ 10dpo!

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:clappy:NEELA'S TTC SPACE:clappy:

DF & I are currently trying to conceive #2 and we're hoping for a girl this time. However, in lieu of my two miscarriages this year, one in January and one in May, we will be happy with either gender.


DF & I have been together for three years and we have a 2 year old son, Kyren. He was born February 20, 2009 and I have to say being pregnant with him was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. I am in school for nursing, and just about finished with my pre-requisites for my program. DF works for our family business currently. We're both young, but very successful in our lives and would love to add on to our family. We have been TTC since January of this year after I finished up my last cycle of birth control pills. I'm planning to test around the 10th of August and praying its a sticky bean this time.


When I first started tracking my cycles back in January, I was only keeping note of the start and end dates of my periods. We would dtd every other day after AF left and hope for the best. In March, after my last miscarriage, I started using opks and while those do help, I would like to start temping as well. If I end up with a BFN this cycle, I will be adding temping into the mix. I take a prenatal vitamin, folic acid, and a baby aspirin daily as well.

*Finally, my BFP!! Yahoo Hope this one is a sticky one. This was taken at 8 dpo on 8/4/2011*

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Anna's TTC Space!

We immediately went into NTNP after our DD, Lyla was born in October 2010. We want our kids to be close in age. When NTNP didn't get us pregnant immediately we decided to actively TTC in June 2011. Since I'm still breastfeeding DD my cycles have been very irregular. I'm talking anywhere from 40 days to 60 days long! So when AF shows back up I will try to start charting to check my O and see where we stand. We are prepared for another long journey since it took 2.5 years to conceive DD.


My TTC Blinkie!


Craziness! We were totally prepared for it to take a long time again!!

If I go my LMP, my EDD would be 3/13/2012, but even on 7/22 I was getting BFN's. With LMP on 6/7, AF 'should' have been due 7/12. I started testing then and the first very faint BFP I got was on 7/29. I think I O'd between 7/12 and 7/14, which would make my EDD 4/4/1012. I will update once I get a dating U/S.

I had to get a digi!!!!

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Almost there

Rachel's TTC Space

[LEFT]DH and I are trying for our first in late August/September. We want a summer baby, Dh is a teacher and want's to have it during his summer break. I figure if we try for a June 1st Due Date then he/she would probably come a few weeks later, if it takes after me :)! (according to DH I can never be on time)[/LEFT]

About Us

DH and I are both 25. Jason and I have been together for 6 1/2 years, married for 1 1/2 years. The only child we have is our 2 yr old Dacsle, part dacsun part beagle. DH is a teacher and loves it for now, eventually he wants to be a professor, currently teaches 7-9th grade Latin. I am a currently a financial planner for a University and like where I am at now, but can definitely see myself as a SAHM....for a little while :rolleyes:!

My TTC Plan

I am the planner and number freak between the two of us and DH just goes along with my plans :D. So, I tried to start a BBT chart this last week and..well...I don't think it is for me. I think I will just count days per cycle, I am pretty sure my cycle is 29 or 30 days and can always tell when I O, bc of my CM, which I never realized until I started reading about TTC. Therefore, the first couple months we will BD every other day that week as stated in all the gossip, do the 2ww, test, and see what happens. First testing probably wont be until Sep, but I will keep this posted.
Still working with all the technical features, but wow photobucket was too easy!!!

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[SIZE=7]Erin's Space[/SIZE]


My name is Erin. I met my husband Tim in January of 2010 and we were married June 5th of this year. I just turned 35 (yesterday!) and Tim turned 35 in March. We knew early on that having kids was something important to both of us and something we wanted to start working on right away, so I actually got off BCP at the end of January 2011. We're now starting our 7th month of trying with no success so far. We are, as far as we know, healthy. I have an appointment with an RE on August 23rd to check my thyroid levels as I have had borderline hypo numbers in the past and my sister has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I have the same antibodies. Hopefully, any issues can be fairly easily resolved. In any case, I am now trying to go by the mindset that I *will not* get too stressed out over the TTC Journey until after Christmas. Let's see if I can hold out until then, and hopefully, it will be moot since I hope to be pregnant by then. As far as a boy or girl--it really doesn't matter to me. My family breeds girls, Tim's breeds boys!

Beyond that--I love to run and have done several marathons, travel, reading a good book, and spending time with my husband. I'm an attorney and work for an insurance company by day. By night, I like cooking and will really miss my typical glass of wine while I cook once I finally get preggers!

Below are a few pictures from our wedding, and one from St. Patrick's Day of this year (I had just run a 10K).

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Hello, I am Kara, 36, married to Chris also 36. I have been TTC x 17 months all together. We have two older children that I am so grateful for. I didn't expect we would have any difficulties having the family of my dreams after we conceived the first on the first try. It's been downhill ever since......I have hypothyroidism, endometriosis and tubal problems and am losing hope we can do this naturally. My doctor has told me IVF is our best chance due to tubal issues that I have due to endometriosis, even though both tubes were opened during laparoscopy. I had one early miscarriage in May 2011.

Hoping for a miracle now, I guess, even though its been hard to accept that I have all these issues since I have two previous natural pregnancies (3 counting m/c).

I have a boy and a girl, so gender does not matter, will be happy with a healthy baby!

I have been a member since trying for my second child, but I still don't know how to link pics or my BBT chart!

I am trying to keep up here better, instead of sporadically like usual!

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Really Hoping

:blowingdustpink: Sarah's TTC Space :babydustblue:

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm 24 and my fiance, Rob, is 27. We have been actively ttc for about 5 months. We are trying for my 1st and his 4th. :eek:
I had a miscarriage over a year ago before Rob and I got back together. I miscarried my 1st and only pregnancy and it took me quite a while to try to even think about having kids. My first pregnancy was a surprise, but I thought I would get pregnant very easily as soon as I decided that I wanted to get pregnant.:ROFL: BOY, was I wrong!
I'm have had irregular cycles since I got off of birthcontrol. I had a 43, 27,and 30 day cycles since.
I'm now almost 2 weeks late with a negative blood test on 9/19/11. But, FX we may actually be pregnant!
It looks like I may have had implantation bleeding yesterday!

May 6th, 2011-AF
June 8th, 2011-AF
July 15th, 2011-AF
August 14th, 2011- Light AF
September 10th, 2011- No AF
September 21st, 201-Spotting (brown and light pink)

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Megan's TTC Space

My name is Megan and my husband is Josh. We are both 23 years old. DH is a cook and is going to school for Accounting. I am a full time student and work Monday and Fridays at an in home daycare. I have an Etsy shop where I sell invitations and Thank you cards in my spare time. I am going to school right now for Early Childhood Education.

My husband and I met in high school, but we didn't become friends until June of 2008. We were instantly crazy about one another. Josh proposed to me at Christmas in front of his entire family. We started planning a wedding for June of 2010, but then in March of 2009 we found out I was pregnant with our little surprise, Ashlynn. We decided to go ahead and get married early. Our wedding was on August 15, 2009.


Ashlynn was born November 7, 2009 and she was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! I instantly knew that I was more in love with her than I could ever be with anyone else on Earth.


It is hard to believe that she is creeping closer to three already !


We tried to get pregnant in 2010 for about 4 months from June - October without luck and then stopped when I left my job. We tried again and had an ectopic pregnancy (our second) in November of 2011. Now we are back to trying and I am hoping desperately for a healthy pregnancy !!!

Cycle 1:
AF 9/7/11
Tentative Due Date: 6/13/11
O Around 9/20/11
Tested 9/30/11 - BFN
Tested 10/2/11 - BFN
AF has arrived ! 10/4/11

Cycle 2:
AF 10/4/11
Tentative Due Date: 7/10/12
O Around 10/17/2011
Tested 10/27/11 - BFN
Tested 10/30/11 - BFN
AF Due 10/31/11
Light BFP 11/1 & 11/2
Appointment to Confirm Pregnancy 11/3 Beta- 4
Started AF 11/3 - Very Heavy and Painful
Dr. Appointment 11/7 (DD's 2nd Birthday) - Found out that we were pregnant. They are calling it a spontaneous miscarriage. They say we can try again immediately. Beta - 32
3rd Beta scheduled for 11/14 - 1413 We are Pregnant !
Ectopic Pregnancy discovered on 11/17

Cycle 3:
AF 11/3/12

We took a break for about 7 months and our now trying again Smile We are hopeful but I am also nervous!

Cycle 1 (again!)
AF 5/26/12
O 6/12/12
BFP !!!! 6/22/12
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

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Mandy's TTC Space

About US
Hi I am Mandy, I am married to my very handsome Michael and we have 1 beautiful girl named Holly(4). We also have another handsome man in the family and that is my DDS Xander who is 5, he lives with us Sunday to Friday.

I am currently studying towards my masters in education endorsed in literacy. I have a specific interest in children with developmental delays and how this impacts on their language acquisition. I have spent some time assisting classroom teachers in developing routines and resources to assist them in teaching students with aspergers syndrome. While I am studying I also work as a substitute teacher (in primary and early childhood) to earn a bit of money Biggrin Michael works in architecture and I would tell you more about that but anytime he starts talking about his work I begin feeling incredibly uneducated lol.

Our TTC Journey

On 14th of Dec 2011 I had a diagnostic laparoscopy to confirm endometriosis, I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. Soon after I was also told that I was pregnant, however I miscarried on the 2nd of Jan 2012 and we decided to come off BCP then too.

Cycle 1
2/3/2012 -BFN
2/6/2012- BFN
2/11/2012- BFN
2/13/2012- BFN

Cycle 2
AF: 2/15/2012
Possible due date: 11/21/2012
O date: 3/07/2012
3/19/2012 - BFP!!!

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Cara's TTC Space

Hi! My name is Cara. I live in Ontario, Canada. I am married to the love of my life, John. We have been married for 2 years. Our story: we were planning a wedding for July 2010 when we realized we were unexpectedly blessed with our first pregnancy. We were married 7 weeks later. Hannah was born in July 2010.

Hannah: She is a spitfire that's for sure! She wasn't an easy baby but I knew I wanted more as soon as I could. She was born by an unplanned C-Section as she was stuck in my pelvis, face up. So, we waited until she was 1 before we started TTC as 2 years between live births is recommended up here.

Our TTC journey: We fully expected TTC #2 would be as easy as was it was with Hannah. Boy were we wrong. We conceived our second child on the first try in July 2011. It was nothing like my first pregnancy. I was so sick from the moment we found out. I ended up on Diclectin for the nausea and felt terrible all the time. On Oct 1 2011 I started having some light cramps and some light spotting. The next day, Oct 2 we lost the baby. I assumed I was about 11.5 weeks but the doctor made some mention that I may have been further along than I thought. We don't know why, testing isn't available until you have had more than 3 losses. We named our baby Avery Joseph.
I bled for 8 weeks before it finally stopped. I had become very depressed and had a hard time dealing with the loss. My physican put me on Prestiq to help me. It really did help

We are now in a holding pattern. I was told that we could TTC as soon as I am weaned off the Prestiq. I have cut my dose in half this month and next month I go totally drug free. I can try then. I am scared and nervous but I know that my fears will be worth it all when we get to hold a baby in our arms again.

I pray that this journey isn't long and isn't filled with more pain.

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**UPDATE: On August 9th, I got a BFP! I am officially moving to the April 2014 board! Thanks for all the advice and the prayers and the kind, encouraging thoughts. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well and hopefully I will see some of you there or maybe following into the May group!

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Christine's TTC Space

Hi there! My name is Christine and I am a 36 year old wife to Nathan and mother of a little girl named Liliann. It's been a while and we are now trying for baby #2. I was a member of the July 2009 Sparklers and loved the community I found here.

We are on Cycle #2. I stopped the BCP in the beginning of May and I am just starting to get my cycles back to normal!

I hope to make new friends and get a BFP soon!!!

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Hi there ladies, I just wanted to share with you all a free site that could help everyone here calculate their ovulation period and there are more. I hope this could help everyone, good luck. Ovulation predictor - predict your ovulation online!