TTC Spaces and other ideas. . . ?

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TTC Spaces and other ideas. . . ?

What would you like to see in this forum to try to make it more active? We had TTC Spaces and that thread was popular for a bit. Is this something you'd be interested in doing a new one of? What other things would you like to see here?

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I'm sad to see this board without any action too! When I joined it was pretty hopping Smile

I think you should post a few new stickies, like the spaces, and go down to the due date boards and invite the ladies to stop back up. They are all hovering around october 2013 right now lol

Other ideas...
Another board I'm on has a chart stalkers thread, people seem to like it.
Maybe some get to know you *outside* of ttc threads?
A roll call each month? Maybe ladies would check in?

Just some thoughts. Good luck!