UGH! The wait is killing me!

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UGH! The wait is killing me!

Am I the only crazy one that just "knew" they were pregnant? I did with both my sons and I have the same feeling now.

The day we DTD and I just "knew" ..happened to be right around the day I was supposed to ovulate. This is our first month off bc and I expected it to take a few months. It's not wishful thinking, I don't care if it takes a while really, but I'm convinced. Just need that test to prove me right! It wasn't physical signs, it's a hormonal change I always notice. I really really want to dtd and then right after we conceive I have NO drive anymore. Then a few days later my pants are uncomfortable and my breasts start getting huge. My husband thinks I'm crazy but mamas just know!

Those who are TTC for the 2nd time or more, did you "know" when it happened?

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Must admit I didn't 'know' this time - I had absolutely NO symptoms like I'd had with DS, and we totally weren't expecting it to work the first time - so it was a real surprise for us! But hopefully your intuition is correct and you get that BFP in a few days!


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I certainly didn't know the first time because I didn't test till I was 5 weeks! lol.

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I've never just known. I hope your feeling is right, let us know when you test Smile

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I didn't know with my DS either. I noticed I was late on my period and then I started getting the sore boobs, nausea, etc and that's when I tested, but I was already like 5 weeks pregnant! I had an old coworker that said she just knew with he son though so I guess some people are intuitive that way. Good luck!

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When I was pg with DS I was the most clueless ever, I was 10 days late and didnt even realize it, and now here I am, testing wayyy too early each time... so i defffinately didnt know that time!!

And now, I dont think I'll ever "know" because a few months ago I SWORE I was, I felt sick, and just.. FELT.. pg... and I basically was just waiting for the BFP to confirm it.. well.. it never came Sad so now I dont think I'll really ever "know" until I see that BFP and prob the U/S too!!!

But I've heard about people just knowing, like the instant it happens they just know!!! It'd be cool to be one of them!! :):)

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I definitely knew in comparison to my first pregnancy. I tested at 8 dpo and got a positive this time around. With my son I was already 2 1/2 months before I decided something was going on with me.

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I'm curious to know how some women just "know" they're pregnant...

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I had to smile at this post a bit. With my DD I didn't really know. We'd been trying for a few months and I was starting to get discouraged. I bought an OPK kit but never got a +, mostly b/c I didn't know how to use it. So when AF was late I doubted it but tested anyway Smile

I did "just know" with my DS#1 though. I read more on how to use the OPK's and I knew when I o'd and timed the BD just right. It came as no surprise when I saw that BFP.

Ok, so you'd think after all that I'd have a clue or something right?? Nope, not me. With my 3rd we weren't trying, actually we were trying to not get pg. I actually bled a couple of days before AF was due, I thought it was her coming early. But it stopped and I didn't think much of it. I waited a couple more days and when she didn't show I unwillingly tested - BFP!

So I guess I run the gammit in this department!!!

GL - I hope your feelings are right and you get the BFP you're after!