Uh...AF showed up....:(
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Thread: Uh...AF showed up....:(

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    Default Uh...AF showed up....:(

    I'm so sad. AF showed up today. I am really bummed and I cried myself to sleep. I never cry at things so easily but I was really hoping we would get pregnant last cycle and I would be due in march. My sister is getting married either in either April or May so I don't want to be pregnant and take a chance that I wouldn't get to be at her wedding b/c I got in labor or something. I been using a ovulation prediction calculator at baby center and on here. We are going to start trying a couple days before it says this time and for a week and half to two weeks DTD every other night if we can! I'm I the only one who has cried when AF showed up?
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    So sorry Nichole. *hugs* You're not the only one who cries when AF shows up. I cry every month when it shows up just as it always does. I get kinda depressive in the following few days after it arrives too. It really bums me out. But keep your chin up. You know, even if you get pregnant and are due the month of your sister's wedding, it is still a pretty slim chance that you would be in labor the exact day of the wedding. Everything will work out.
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