uh dumb AF

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uh dumb AF

So AF is back again....I don't get it we DTD like every 2-3 nights. With our my other pregnancies we got pregnant right away off of birth control. I'm bummed...sorry for the depressing post..I'm just bummed Sad We had Mirena in this time for over 2 years....so maybe it just takes awhile for everything to get back like it should to get pregnant. With our second son we had mirena removed like 7 months after it was in and I got pregnant right away. So maybe it has to do with how long it was in. Anyone every had mirena in for several years and try to get pregnant. If so how long did it take.

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sorry, I've never used mirena, but so sorry AF came Sad

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Your not alone.
Very stressful. An emotional roller coaster Sad