Using OPKs as HPTs

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Using OPKs as HPTs

Has anyone ever done this? I'm 99% sure I ovulated on CD 13, and I have a ton of OPKs (cheapies) left over and have been using them just so I can POAS since HPTs are coming up negative still. I know that we always have some LH in our urine and that there will almost always be a second line on an opk, but my opks have been pretty dark for the past couple of days. Today's I would consider positive. So, what does that mean? Did I not ovulate and now I am? Is it turning up positive because I really am pg? I *maybe* had a faint line on an HPT this morning, but it's so dang light that I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me.

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I think using OPKs as HPTs just brings more questions than answers. So I'd find myself a cheap HPT (Dollar Tree and a lot of Walmarts now stock tests for under a $) and test again tomorrow. Good luck! Smile

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Haven't tried it, but here's a bunch of info on it.

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"kristycoulter1" wrote:

Haven't tried it, but here's a bunch of info on it.

Oh, I've tried it! I recommend reading peeonastick, too. It's fun to pee on opks, but it doesn't really provide useful info. because you should get a positive hpt if you're getting a dark enough opk to consider the opk a "BFP." If you got a faint line this morning on an hpt you should be able to see a not-quite-as-faint line tonight. I'd try some more hpts. Smile