Vasectomy Reversal is Done!

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Vasectomy Reversal is Done!

My poor hubby had his reversal done last Thursday! I was formally [email][/email] but my account got all screwed up so now I'm starting over with no posts/-: Anyway, we have to wait 4 weeks until we "try" and the DR who is apparently known all over the country says no one has ever conceived on the first try, meaning the first month after. But we are going to try like hell! LOL

I'm happy, again, to be a part of this board. I wish I didn't look like a newbie but I'm excited to start posting up my ovulation tests/pregnancy tests. Let's get this site going again!!!

So excited!!!!:D

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yay! Congrats!! I hope you get to prove that DR. wrong!

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good luck!

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Eeek! Awesome. I hope you can give that dr something to put in his textbooks. Smile

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Welcome back!! I hope you prove the doctor wrong!!