Waddaya think my chances are?

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Waddaya think my chances are?

DH and I DTD Sept 6th, and then since he was working non-stop for the past several days, we haven't had a chance since. I ovulated yesterday (Sept 10th), and we will DTD tonight, but it will have been over 24 hours by then, so not sure there's much chance there. I guess I am just hoping there were still some swimmers around yesterday.

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Sperm can last 4-5 days, right? So you've still got a shot. If you do conceive, I'm going to predict right now that it's a girl. My understanding is that the X sperm are slower, but stronger and last longer than the Y sperm, so if you still have any swimmers in there, they should be Xs. Good luck!

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It's completely possible that there's still some swimmers left in there for that eggy. I agree with Sara that if you did catch it, you're chances of a girl are probably a bit higher than a boy. Unless of course your egg holds out until tonight's BD and you catch it on this one. . . :goodluck:

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I think you're still in pretty good shape, especially if you had decent CM when you DTD before O.

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Still possible. When I got pg dh and I only dtd once that whole month Smile