Weird cycle.

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Weird cycle.

So I had the mirena removed on Oct 17 and af arrived the 19th. Ovulation was a bit late at 18 dpo, which is not unusual for me, and my lp was only 10 days before af showed. Also not unusual as I'm still breastfeeding, and it happened in the past. After a pretty regular af, I decided not to temp this cycle and just monitor fertility with cm. But I've had a fair amount of spotting leading to o, something Ive never had before prior to o. So I started to worry about hormonal imbalances and cysts, ect. Then I turned on my nurse's brain and thought about what the first test should be and it's a pregnancy test... Lo and behold, I took a test when I got home and that last period was actually implantation bleeding! I'm nervous because it seems like a lot for implantation, so I could use some sticky vibes.

Sorry if it's big, my phone won't adjust, but here's my bfp. Smile

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Congrats! I can't do the math, when are you due????

What great news!

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I guess it would be July 29th. Smile

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Wow congrats...such a great surprise!

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Congrats hun!

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