weird to be saying this...

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weird to be saying this...

but yay AF is here!!! I am still breastfeeding and going strong so I didn't think I would see her. But she is here so now I can begin TTC!!! I understand it may take a few cycles for my cycle to become consistent but at least I'm starting somewhere! Wish me luck Smile

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Woo hoo! not weird to us. Lol


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Not weird at all. I'm also BFing and I was super excited when I got mine back too! I hope now that she's back you get your bfp very soon Biggrin

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Justine, It's not weird at all! I got mine back in March and was still BFing around the clock at the time. I didn't have another until June, but got my BFP at the end of July, so it could happen soon!! I'm so excited for you!

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Yay!!! Glad you're here!

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It's not weird to be happy about it - is it weird that I'm jealous?

How often does Nate eat at night? How much time does he go between feedings? I'm just asking because I read that you can trigger AF if you have a six hour break between feedings, but with Rowan she still wakes up to nurse every 2 -3 hours. I'm hoping you can inspire me with a success story without the six hour nursing break.

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His feedings vary but he never goes more than four hours without eating. In fact this past weekend when af showed up he was nursing round the clock because he was sick.

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Wooohoo for AF!!! Good luck TTC