Well, the AF mystery has been solved....

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Well, the AF mystery has been solved....

She hasn't showed her ugly face because.......................

I GOT A BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would so show a pic but I cannot for the life of me get photobucket to work. Very skeptical at the moment and in shock....but I knew it wasn't entirely impossible. I have no idea how many DPO I am but I do know that 7/28 I had a BFN and 5 days later I have a BFP. So my guess would be anywhere from 8-12 DPO (line was NOT at all faint, but not super dark. Def easy to see and came up right away).

So I guess that would make this an April baby?

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Aww! YAY! Congrats on your bfp!!

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Yahoo Congrats!!! This board seems to be on a roll with bfps lately! Biggrin

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woohoo!! Another one for the April board!!

Sending sticky vibes and wishing you a HH9M!!

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:party: :jumpingbeans: :pileon: CONGRATULATIONS!! :wootjump:

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Woo hoo! Congrats!

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Oh yay congrats!!! Biggrin
That's the best way to solve ANY mystery, IMO.

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Thanks ladies!! I'm still in shock I POAS again this morning just because I couldn't believe it. Hope to see many more BFP's on this board in the near future!

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Yay!! I love hearing-well reading Smile good news! Congrats!!!!

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:party: :thewave: :jumpingbeans:


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Wonderful news!! Congrats!

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Yahoo SO exciting! Congrats and HH9Ms!

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Yay! CONGRATS! Yahoo

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Yay congrats!!!! Smile :)