Well... I guess I wont be here long...

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Well... I guess I wont be here long...

Tested tonight as all I've been doing for three days is crying.... And I got a Positive!

I've had a bit of cramping the last couple weeks, but nothing major.. I'm going to assume my body is just growing... Send me some sticky vibes, and good luck to you all!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Are you due in December then? That is awesome, I'm so glad you had a nice short journey with us, and I'm so glad you shared it here. I hope you enjoy your Birth Board!!

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I'm going to the clinic tonight to see if they can give me the actual date. One site gives me December 6th, the other gives me November 20th. I do know I ovulated March 1st so I conceived around that time. The site giving me the earlier date is saying that doctor's now consider your last period as counted in. So I'm between 3-5 weeks.

I really didn't think it would happen this fast for us, but we're over the moon that it has!

Good luck everyone! I'm sending baby dust everyone's way!

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Congrats! HH9M to you!

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Congrats Biggrin