What are the 5 top questions. . .

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What are the 5 top questions. . .

you would ask your OBGYN/Midwife when calling them if/when you get your BFP?

This one is for MissyJ, she is compiling a list of top questions to ask and has asked for input. So what would you say your most important questions are for your OB/MW?

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If s/he will support me having a VBAC is a big one. The majority of my questions would revolve around that dependent on their response to the first question.

Questions I had last pregnancy were....
What tests might be performed during the pregnancy? Which ones have to be done? When are they done?
Do you perform versions? (if the baby is breech near the end)
Who will be attending my birth if you are unavailable?

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It's a bit different for me as I don't even get to see an ob or midwife until after the 20 week ultrasound but my big ones this time will be about a VBAC. Because it's so late in the pregnancy before I get sent to antenatal with a midwife and 1-2 appointments with the ob most questions are focused on birth and a birth plan for me. Last time I wanted to know if they were supportive of natural birth and if I could use cloth at hospital or did I have to use disposables. The midwives had generally explained my questions to me before I even asked them.

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Our situation is sort of like Wendy's, I won't meet an OB until around 20 weeks, and we don't start seeing one regularly until 36 weeks. I really won't have many questions this time around. Last time my big questions were all regarding having a VBAC and if I would be allowed to with my deliveries less than 18 months apart.

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If it were the first time I were visiting an OB, I would ask him/her about his/her thoughts on natural childbirth and inductions.

I would also ask about breech vaginal births and twin vaginal births (can you tell I really don't want a c-section?) lol

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Last time i asked about procedures - who to contact if i feel uneasy or somethings wrong..who would be involved in the labor..who is around if he wasnt..

I asked him his position on natural birth.. inductions..use of forceps or vacuums..decisions on csections..

I also asked what he could tell me about the hospital procedures .

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Thanks for contributing! I've compiled all of your feedback and turned it in. (Don't worry - all were kept anonymous.)

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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If/when that BFP comes, it would be my first ever, and thus I would have a ZILLION questions!!!

I have had issues with depression/insomnia/anxiety (real bad) in the past, and while everything is great now, my #1 concern and question would be if this history would affect me during pregnancy? Mostly, will it come back? I know it's always a possibility, especially after/postpartum, but I would still ask for sure.

Aside that..
-When is my next visit?
-What do I do between now and then?
-Can you do bloodwork to make sure my iron levels are fine now? (Anemia in history, could come back during pregnancy)
-When is that due date!