Hi everyone!

Would love your opinions on my o date!

My cb monitor was high on the morning of cd 14, i then got my first +opk at around 1.30 pm the same day. It remained positive on the cb digi opk at 5pm, and on the Internet cheapie at 10pm, showed peak on my monitor on cd 15, all opks remained + too for the rest of the day until the 10pm one which had faded.
This morning on cd 16 my cb monitor didn't ask for a test so I done a cheapie, that had gone + again but I'm pretty sure it was becausey urine was so concentrated. The 11am one was neg and I've just used my final digi - also neg.

I'm not the greatest at strictly temping, with 2 toddlers and lots of broken sleep it's not easy lol! I never take my temp at the same time, just not possible with the different times the boys wake, but I always make sure I take it after a few hours solid sleep. It seems to have been ok so far, my pre-o temps are usually around the 36.30-36.50 mark, post-o temps are usually 36.6 upwards.
But today, FF has thrown a spanner in the works! I've just messed around with my chart and input three fake high temps and FF thinks I o'ed yesterday because this mornings temp was 36.40. If I change that to lower it says I o'ed today. Last night was pretty broken with my sleep so I think my temp this morn was a little on the high side the one day I want it accurate and it's not!!

I still have very mild o pain, which normally goes when I have o'ed - it is not as obvious as yesterday.

So I'm thinking I o'ed this morning/today, but stupid FF wants it to be yesterday!

What do you all think? Here's my chart!

1a14c4 Ovulation charts on FertilityFriend.com

***ETA*** I just changed FF's method from advanced to research, advance says cd 15, research says cd 16!

Eta- just when I needed a good nights sleep last night to get an accurate temp it didnt happen! First time I woke after 3 hrs and took my temp, it was 36.47 but I was very cold as I had no covers on and the window was open. The second time I woke I had slept for slightly longer and felt like I had a 'normal temp' with covers on - 36.64. Wich shall I use?