When do you O?

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When do you O?

Just curious...what CD do you usually O on? I'm just wondering what the range is. I think I usually O around CD 16. DH and I DTD on CD 12 and then he went out of town, so I'm hoping maybe I'll O a little early, or that the little guys can survive until CD16.

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The cycle I conceived DS I O'd on CD14 (unusual and funny to me). Usually I O anywhere from CD 16-21. Quite a range!

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I've been O'ing about cd 18-22 lately, which isnt that great because AF comes not long after, so Im hoping to O earlier this month!!

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I'm only on my 4th PP cycle, but the last 3 cycles I've O'd around CD 19-20. Before having babies, after I came off bc I would O around CD17.

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I usually O on CD15-16. Sometimes it varies a little though.