When and how will you announce?

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When and how will you announce?

I'm getting ahead of myself (currently ttc#3) going into the tww but was wondering HOW people and When people told family and friends? Who was first? What was said or done?
And how will you tell/ who first with the baby your currently trying for or currently pregnant with?

Interesting to hear and I love stories Smile

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With DS, i showed hubby the stick straight away. We told select family at 8 weeks after a scan and I told my Mum I had bad news for her, she was going to be a grandmother before she turned 50 (she always said she didn't want grandchildren before she was 50, DS was born in September and her 50th was in November).

This time I have a shirt for DS to wear which I will probably pop him in at my Mum's one day and see how long it takes for her to click. I will do something cute for facebook this time as well, maybe something cryptic but cute.

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I guess I forgot to even add my story. Gee.
I told DH right away we were both home, my best friend called it, and so I confirmed. Our family we sent cards with no return address saying guess who's expecting and in the middle was our names Smile

With DD 2 we waited the 3months but my daughter told my in laws she went to the doctor with me and the baby made mommy sick. As they asked why and where she got the lollipop from. She was young, I didn't think she was paying attention. DH came home the day after cause he was on a work trip so I made dinner, told his parents not to say anything and made baby carrots, baby potato, baby steak. He jokingly said why is everything so small? I said hmm like a theme he said OMG and grabbed me kissed me and then that was It. So very excited. We both told everyone just by word Wink

#3 (hoping so badly it'd this month) I'm hoping for a neat idea to do Biggrin

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I googled on pinterest for ideas. There are some cute ones. My good friend had her two older kids hold the photo of the ultrasound out with their hands and then took a photo that she posted to facebook. I'm still debating, if we are fortunate to get a THB how to announce this time.

For my DD we used a cute poem, for my DS, we had DD open a big sister shirt at her birthday party.

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We just told our parents for DD. DS I took a photo of DS with a sign that read "big sister to-be". Not sure what we'll do this time.

A friend recently had a onesie made with their name as a hash tag printed on it (ie #BabySmith). I thought that was cute.

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I woke DH up and showed him the digital test. I told my BFF around 7 weeks via instant messaging.

We waited until 10 weeks to tell the families because it coincided with MIL's birthday and while we were on Skype with them to say Happy Birthday DH held up the picture of the ultrasound. Did the same with his sister the next day and then the day after that with the whole of my family. They all live overseas and in different areas.

We only announced on FB at around 17 weeks because we wanted to get the results of the Quad test back first. I had my BFF design a picture to use as my cover pic that said "Our family will be growing by 2 feet in December" and DH posted the ultrasound with the caption "Look what I did"

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awww these are all lovely stories. I just told everyone for DD1 and waited until 13 weeks for DD2 but my late-husband of course knew each time immediately as did my mother.

This time our entire family on both sides knows we're TTC. Last month I had updated on FB (family only) all my progress and my symptoms and then felt like a lunatic when it turned out we weren't actually pregnant. So this month I'm trying, desperately to keep it to myself, DH and mother. I don't know how I'm going to share it this time but I'm going to wait until we get the BFP lol.

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These are all great. Let's see some more responses-- good ideas we can all use for hopefully this months good news Wink
Good luck ladies:D

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