Where to buy OPK's and IC?

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Where to buy OPK's and IC?

Hi, Ladies!

Was wondering where all of you bought your "supplies?" I am looking to purchase a 'pack' of OPK's and Preg Tests all in one. I wasn't sure which sites were 'legit' though, if you will - and I wanted to know where everyone here bought theirs and if they were satisfied with them? Thanks!

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I always get wondfo off of Amazon when I buy in bulk, online. I do keep an FRER in stock in case I get a BFP on the IC. For OPK's I just use the Answer brand that I buy at Wal-Mart in the pack of 17. I've also bought the Dollar Tree HPT's because it's so convenient.

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When I was TTC my DD I ordered some from Save on Tests. They worked great and they have mixed packages. I found shipping to be a great deal. I'm in Canada so I liked that they were also here. I'd definitely recommend them.

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I used dollar tree ones when I was ttc the first time. Then I used a digital one when I got the bfp to double check.

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I have bought from this place in the past. I had no trouble with them and they are cheap!
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I have been lurking because I am fairly new. But wanted to say that I just bought some off of ebay (researched the test brand and they had great reviews) and the seller has awesome reviews too. So hopefully they are good!!

Good luck with your search!

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i order from early-pregnancy-tests.com I get the OPKs and HPTs that don't have all the plastic..it's just the strip and then i got the little container to put it in
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