Woohoo!!! (pg ment)

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Woohoo!!! (pg ment)

So...my exciting news...on the 17th, we got a + pregnancy test!! I know I was not able to be on here much but I still greatly appreciated all the support and advice from you ladies. We are so excited and as of right now EDD looks like July 27, 2014...I told my DF it will be so odd because we will probably end up having kids birthdays in May, 2 in June, July, and then August...Weird!! lol Good luck to all of you wonderful ladies and I still plan to stalk you guys!! Smile

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:jumpingbeans: :wootjump: CONGRATS!!! That is awesome news!!

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congrats Misty!!!! HH9M!

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So happy for you Misty!

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Thank you all soooo much!

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:neonflower: Awesome! Congratulations!

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Fabulous news Biggrin

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Congrats Misty!!!

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Wonderful news:)

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Congrats to you! How exciting.