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Thread: *~*~* WELCOME to TTC - PSW (Post introductions here)*~*~*

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    don't really know if this is the place for me, just navigating the boards and trying to find the right one...as we are TTC (for 4 months now) and I am a tad over the preferred BMI (haha!) i figure what the hey!

    My name is Tawney, married to my DH, Eric since sept '05, had our DD on Jan. 29 '07 named her Tempel Lovisa (took 4 months to conceive her)...i was a member of the Feb. 07 mommies (SweetTarts..but we moved in November of 07 and i didn't have internet access until after DD was born and i didn't get back into it until now...cuz we are ttc...so i'm a bit of a lurker over there as i was familiar with a good bunch of those ladies).
    I am now a SAHM and will continue to be until our last lil one (don't know how many that will be, but for sure we want 2) is off to school, then i may try to get back into the work force (but that is a long, long way off)...
    as i sit here now, i am officially late by 5 days (we didn't chart...just feelin the groove and going for it)...i've read a good number of the intro's on here and my heart goes out for those not conceived as of yet, and i count my blessings everyday as i feel like i have the world by the short and curly's (great DH, beautiful DD, happy life and so on!)
    i don't know how long i will be on here as we will be POAS this week sometime (and hoping for a 'graduation')
    just thought i should say Hey!
    married my best friend, Eric - Sept. 17/05
    gave birth to our DD, Tempel Lovisa - Jan. 29/07

    BFP on Jan. 16th!!!
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    Name / Age Heather/28

    How long you been TTC? Just waiting for the go-ahead from the doc!

    What challenges have you ran into on your TTC journey because of being Plus sized? Don't know yet.

    Anything else you want us to know?! I've been married for 5 1/2 years to Michael, my DH. He works for his father's company and I graduated from college in 2006 with a Finance degree. We finally got into a new home and now are ttc #1. I just got off BC pills on Jan 14 and had AF on the 28th.

    I use to think I never wanted kids, but now I have SERIOUS baby fever LOL I have started to learn about charting and BBT. The CM way is still confusing to me since it all feels the same.

    I'm going in for an ultrasound on Monday to make sure I don't have endometriosis. I'm praying that I don't so we can start immediately!
    Me and the love of my life, Michael. Married September 21 2002.

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    Name / Age Nicole /30 DH/30

    How long you been TTC? 2 months but am now TTC on hold because I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's

    What challenges have you ran into on your TTC journey because of being Plus sized?

    not many, just the usual "you know if you really want to get pregnant you should probably lose some weight" speech from my MD as if I hadn't thought of that myself or that it was just that simple.

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    Name / Age Patty /30 DH/41

    How long you been TTC? 2 years

    What challenges have you ran into on your TTC journey because of being Plus sized? Not many yet, in fact my doctor hasn't even said anything yet. We are in the process of being referred to a fertility specialist so in the meantime, I am trying to lose some weight...it's not working! HAHA

    p.s. this is actually my re-introduction, i haven't logged in here for ages. i decided to take a break from worrying and obsessing about TTC so i didn't want to be lurking around here. i am feeling much more positive about things now and have decided the support would be great. looking forward to getting to know everyone (again!!)

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    I'm Mandie /29 DH/32

    We have been TTC for almost a year now.

    I haven't run into too many problems being over weight other than the OB/GYN mentioning I should seriously try to loose weight.

    In the past month I have kicked into over drive of looking for information and ideas. I feel so overwhlemed. This was supposed to be easy. A very good friend introduced me to this paged a few months ago. and I have been lurking in the bulletins boards for about a month now. I would love to get to know people. I really need a support system. My mother only hears grandkids and tunes everything else out. My DH is trying to be supportive but he is so lost.

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    Wink Newbie

    My name is Betsy and I am 31 years old.

    We just decided last week to concieve. I am stoked. I have the most wonderful man in the world and would love to have his children.

    I am here because I have no idea what to expect as far as concieving while be overweight. I dont know if I need to lose alot of weight first or go for the husto like I am. I have been overweight for most of my life. I am 5'2" and 194 pounds. At the first of the year I hit 200 for the first time. I got depressed and it jumped to 209 quickly. I have lost 15 pounds but know I should lose more. I havent been to the doctor yet to find out what the first step is. I live in a small community and their is only one Gyno and the rest FP's. I am working on getting my insurance active so I can see a real doc in a real city.

    I havent ever been pregnant. I was on the depo for a decade. I have been off for 7 months now. AF came back 4 months ago and is regular. I could set a timer it is so regular. I am not afraid I wont concieve. I am more concerned about my age and weight. I would really appreciate all the advice I can get. feel free to PM me. I dont have any close female friends and my mother and grandmother are both in a nursing home so i am really out there alone. I thank God that I found this site!

    Sorry this post is so long but once I get started I cannot shut up. Thanks for listening.

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    Name / Age - Cristie 31 DH 35

    How long you been TTC? Since May 2006

    What challenges have you ran into on your TTC journey because of being Plus sized?

    Well I have recently been through a slew of testing due to 2 miscarriages last year. They diagnosed me with insulin resistance, but that is under control now. I have a slight dip in my uterus, but nothing that the RE thought was a problem. I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant now. The 2WW is killing me.

    PS I am a POAS addict. Seriously - I am going to go to POAS Anonymous soon!

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    Hi! My name is Amie, and I'm 25. My daughter just celebrated her first birthday on April 30!
    We aren't actively trying to conceive right not, but I am not on BC either...I would like to lose some weight before I become pregnant again.
    I am looking foward to getting to know everyone
    DD Stephanie born April 30, 2007
    Fur baby: Max
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    Hi All, Im Jen, 30, my dh is jeff, 32 and our dd is Amylia 2 yr 3m. We are actively trying since January 2007, as we had four years of ttcing before we saw an RE and conceived our dd. I wish you all :babydust: and BFPS!

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    My Name is Kace age -Gulp.. 32
    my DH (Christian) and I have 3 Children, a 12 yr old DD 11 yr old DS and almost 6mo DD! We just started talking about trying for another little one recently. We aren't in a rush- just going to see how it goes for the summer. - Just getting down to bizness with the baby weight from Emmalu- but want her to have a few sibs close to her in age. Never had issues with being PS, looking forward to actually posting this time around was a serious lerker last time while PG with Em, no more lookielus for me- I will try harder to be a active poster

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