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Thread: *~*~* WELCOME to TTC - PSW (Post introductions here)*~*~*

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    Cool Hi all

    Hi all my name is Heather and my Hubby and I have been TTC since October 2007. My breakdown goes like this:

    10/2007- Stopped BC
    12/2007- Provera to get AF
    12/2007- Clomid days 5-9 with timed intercourse
    01/2008- Got AF on my own for the first time
    02/2008- Clomid Days 5-9 with timed intercourse
    03/2007- OB refered us to an RE

    5/28/2008- Got AF again after Provera. (No meds this cycle as they wanted to monitor me all natural and I had to have that HSG)

    7/21/2008- Got AF after Provera again
    7/22/2008- BW & US
    7/22/2008- 7/26/2008 Clomid Days 2-6
    7/30/2008- BW Again to confirm Ovulation
    7/30/2008-8/1/2008- Timed intercourse
    8/06/2008- BW Progesterone was low started Progesterone supositories
    8/08/2008- Mini Consult revealed all was good with my test but Hubby had bad morphology. This meaning we needed to do IUI.
    8/18/2008- Negative pregnancy BW

    8/21/2008- AF (All on my own no Provera)
    8/22/2008- BW & US
    8/24/2008-8/28/2008 Clomid Days 2-6
    9/02/2008- BW confirm Ovulation
    9/03/2008- Ovidrel Trigger Shot in AM
    9/03/2008- Intercourse
    9/05/2008- IUI at 930AM

    So now its 3dpiui and I am going nuts. I want to know if this worked NOW! There is no explanation why I am not ovulating except that I am 5-8 and weigh 230ish. They ask me to loose weight, but I can't seem to do this. The emotional rollercoaster makes it hard. URGH!!! Any idea how to know if IUI worked?!

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    Red face New myself

    Hi my name is Makayla, and my husband and I just found out we are pregnant on sept 8th. I am overweight, but was on the depo myself. I only had 2 shots!! First shot was May 2006 adn second was Aug 2006. I never went regular again until March of 2008. My mom said it could have been due to being over weight...

    My husband and I tried and tried..with nothing..2 miscarriages, and then depression...

    Then one day I woke up...something didn't feel right..This thought "your pregnant" came to mind. Then the negative thoughts came. "No your not!" "Stop doing this to yourself" So I waited. I waited for 3 weeks for my period to come. NOTHING. I told my husband that there is a possibility of pregnancy...he didn't get too stoked. So one day after the day it should have happened I took a test at 11:30 pm...it was faint..but it was positive. Then next day I took a digital test..it was positive..I took 4 more test..not looking for a single one to be negative, only wanting to be reassured they were all positive!

    Now, that I know Im pregnant, and I am telling everyone, I get these stares...like they see in my belly or are staring at HOW HUGE my belly is! Im overweight, and pregnant. No one is going to be able to notice a pregnant belly when its time! I feel like I am being looked at for being a big person...but now, I feel the words that people are thinking...its making me sad..and I really want to be happy that we are finally having a baby!!

    I am new on here...so any one with advice...or words of comfort I am open to it..


    Quote Originally Posted by betsy566 View Post
    My name is Betsy and I am 31 years old.

    We just decided last week to concieve. I am stoked. I have the most wonderful man in the world and would love to have his children.

    I am here because I have no idea what to expect as far as concieving while be overweight. I dont know if I need to lose alot of weight first or go for the husto like I am. I have been overweight for most of my life. I am 5'2" and 194 pounds. At the first of the year I hit 200 for the first time. I got depressed and it jumped to 209 quickly. I have lost 15 pounds but know I should lose more. I havent been to the doctor yet to find out what the first step is. I live in a small community and their is only one Gyno and the rest FP's. I am working on getting my insurance active so I can see a real doc in a real city.

    I havent ever been pregnant. I was on the depo for a decade. I have been off for 7 months now. AF came back 4 months ago and is regular. I could set a timer it is so regular. I am not afraid I wont concieve. I am more concerned about my age and weight. I would really appreciate all the advice I can get. feel free to PM me. I dont have any close female friends and my mother and grandmother are both in a nursing home so i am really out there alone. I thank God that I found this site!

    Sorry this post is so long but once I get started I cannot shut up. Thanks for listening.

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    Default Im New Here!! Help If you Can

    My Name is Raylene DH Andrew we have been TTC for two months! We Are Just Starting out! We have been Married for almost a year now! If You Have any tips or any info you would like to share it it greatly appreciated! I'm New to this so i can use all the help i can get! I have always wanted to be a mommy!!! I just want to thank you all in advance for your help! I Cant Wait to Be

    Thank You Raylene
    TTC #1

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    Hi everyone! I am 25 and just celebrated my first wedding anniversary last month. In September DH finally announced that he was ready to try and make some babies! I am almost at the end of my first cycle charting and I am patiently waiting for the day I get my BFP.
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    Hey Gals!

    I've been on this board for a few years... joined about a year after we went off BC. TTC for a year and a half until we finally got our BFP. I started spotting at about 8 wks and the dr said it was no biggy. Spotted regularly until 12 wks. Dr still said no worries. At 13 wks I started bleeding red and went up to my local ER. The dr there sent me for u/s only to find out our little bean only made it to 7 wks. We were devastated and I was angry. I have since changed dr's. Had a D&C and took a break for the winter. Did HSG and lap adn was on Clomid for 6 months. DBF had S/A done and everything seemed normal. Totally unexplained why we weren't getting pg. Finally got sent to the city fertility clinic and did our first IUI last week. I was prescribed Clomid as well to increase our chances. So, now I'm in the 2WW and waiting.

    I'm 28 and DBF is 37. We've been together for 7 years and live on a farm in Northern Alberta Canada.

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    Hi there!

    DH and I have been TTC for a little over a year. I knew that it was going to be an adventure, I was diagnosed with PCOS back when I was a teenager. Well back in 06-07 I did weight watchers and lost about 40 pounds...all of a sudden I started having regular cycles for about 3 months...well we had a family stress that happend and needless to say, I've gained a lot of the weight back and the cycles went back to irregular. Started Clomid back in April, and finally O'd on my own this last cycle at 100mg of Clomid. Switched RE's a few weeks ago because my old one was not really taking an active roll in helping me. This new RE gave me an actual plan to follow, and I'm currently in the 2ww to O...

    I'm a little nervous about my weight...I'm not sure what kind of challenges it will pose once I finally do become pg...any suggestion from moms would be greatly appreciated!
    -Amanda | DD: Reagan 2.21.2012

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    Default Hi all - I'm new to this type of chat


    Bare with me I am new to these type chats. I am still figuring out how things work. I am 27 years old and me and DH have been TTC for about 9 months. I was on the pill for a long time and I had a lot of issues before I got on the pill. Irregular and very heavy cycles. Once I was on the pill everything was like clock work. I have been off for 9 months, and we started charting and paying attention to cycles about 7 months ago. I was really excited I missed my AF visit finally! That was two weeks ago, but all the tests still come up negative....I'm afraid my body is just getting out of whack again.

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    Hi there!
    I am so happy to see this board!

    Soo...about me...
    I'm Susan
    I have 2 small ones, Megan, 9 and Marcus, 7. I just got married (second marriage) last October to my dh, Tom.
    We are just starting on the whole TTC thing. Hopefully it's a short trip

    We live right outside of Ithaca, NY, which we love. Tom teaches Botany at the University, I was in the investment dept of a local bank, but was laid off in January. Since I am a SAHM now, we thought it would be a perfect time to start trying though we have been planning for awhile

    I am a plus sized lady The only struggle i see about that is dealing with ignorance and stupidity of people who don't like that (though it is beyond me why they care if they don't even know me!) I feel that I'm beautiful and am a happy woman, no matter what they think

    Feel free to say hi anytime and ask me anything i left out

    Hugs to everyone!
    Susan, dh Tom, dd Megan, ds Marcus, ds #2 coming Feb, 2014

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    I never knew until that moment how badly it could hurt to lose something you never really had. - Missed Miscarriage at 10 weeks - 3/26

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    I am new to the boards... my name is Brittany. My husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on June 28th this month and my 23rd birthday is on June 29th. This is our first cycle TTC. We are anxious and excited and I hope all goes well. I have been tracking my periods and what not for the past 8 months and am hoping that we can get a baby on board as soon as possible.
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    Hi Brittany, Welcome to the board!!!!

    My 1 year anniversary is on June 21st!... and we're in our 3rd TTC cycle right now (we took a long break and started back up in March)

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