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Hi My name is Kelly and I wanted to introduce myself, I have 2 wonderful children Laryssa who is 7 and Carter who is 3 and we have finally decided to have my IUD Mirena taken out (apt next Wednesday) and ttc another bundle of joy. I have been on board with the idea for about 2 years and after telling my husband I changed my mind and I don't want anymore he has now said he wants more... Men... Go Figure! I look forward to getting to know you ladies and going through this baby journey together!

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Hello and welcome Kelly! Sounds like you inadvertently used reverse psychology on your DH! Smile

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Well actually I was really just starting to get use to the idea that my 3 yr old was going to be my last.. but then when he said he changed his mind I was very quickly on board LoL. He also had just recently got a huge promotion at work and we moved away from all of our family. So that may have had something to do with it. Smile But.... Maybe I did!

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Hi Kelly - glad to have a new "face" around here.

don't worry - as I am sure you know - they often go through a freek out phase before they relax to the idea.

welcome and hope your journey is quick !!

- Erica