Weight Loss Support Boards?

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Weight Loss Support Boards?

Hi ladies!

I was crazy active on the boards back when I had DS - I lurke like crazy but it's so 'quiet' now - anyways! -

DH and I have talked about having baby #2 - I am DYING for another one. like NOW. I am currently at a weight of 220 pounds. Which I am still pulling off alright b/c I am 5'11. But I should be around 165 or so to be "healthy." - DH agreed that the minute I hit 185 pounds, we could start TTC #2. He told me this as gently, and softly, and safely, as he possibly could, bless him and I still cried. He is right though- losing 35 pounds would be a good thing to do all around. My question I am asking is if anyone knows any good weight loss support boards? I'm just doing this on my own - will power, exercise, and reduced calories. I could use a few other ladies in the same boat! Thanks!

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Head over to the Biggest Loser Board. We are in the middle of a challange but I'm sure you could join and team and at least chat with the ladies until the next challange starts.