First Trimester Ultrasound Pictures

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First Trimester Ultrasound Pictures

Feel free to post any first trimester pictures here(0-12 weeks). If you want to comment on the picture please start a new thread so that this one does not get too long.
Also if possible post how far along the pregnancy is!

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4 weeks 5 days (9-2-04)

6 weeks 3 days (9/04)

7 weeks 3 days (9/04)

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This is our bean at 6 weeks 5 days!

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heres mine! :)

9 wks

14 wks

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9 weeks pic of the TWINS Smile

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That's my little one at 12 weeks.. I have my 19 week pictures posted as well.

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Ultrasound pics @ 7 weeks 3 days...

this is my lil pikachu at 7 weeks and 3 dAYS...just amazing that i have a baby growing inside of me!

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5 weeks 1 day ultrasound gestational sac taken on May 10,2007

6 weeks 5 days ultrasound, gestational sac,baby,yok sac, 134 bpm taken on May 21,2007

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8 weeks and 3 days

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Her heads on the right and her body is on the left...if you look really closely you can see the spots that are her eyes!

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I want to flaunt my baby pictures too, well I only have one so far

Here is my 2nd U/S at apparently 7 weeks?? I also work in a radiology department and can get an U/S at work whenever I want to, I try to limit it as much as possible but whenever I want to take a peek I can, lucky me Blum 3

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Here is my 5w6d U/S pic!

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This one shows the heartrate at 154 bpm.

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Twins or not ??

i will find out on Tuesday but whats your opinion??7 weeks and 1 dayPhotobucket

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This is a while ago but it's 8 weeks, this was my first ultrasound and when I found out they were twins:

Septermber 8 weeks

here is 12 weeks :

October 7th 12.5 weeks pic 3 both babies

And woohoo I get to go on Monday to see my babies again Smile

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