Gender Ultrasound Pictures

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Gender Ultrasound Pictures

Show us your boy or girl here! Also say how many weeks the picture was taken at. If you want to comment or have a question please start a new thread.

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Here's the gender shot - I was 27 weeks when this ultrasound was done.

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20 weeks, BOY!

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Here's mine at 18 wks 5 days. THe DR who did the U/S does a lot of them for the OBs in the area. He said." I don't see anything hanging down... Looks like it's a girl."

edited to add: I had an u/s at 27 wks 3 days and what looked like a girl is now a baby boy.

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20 weeks..its the second one

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Here are mine :giveflower:

Seamus at 15wks

Isabelle at 15wks

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I'll add mine in, too.
18w6d, Boy

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Although, I think I'm grasping at straws (2 boys already)when I zoom's hard to tell. There are two parallel white lines going across the genitals....what is that??? I think it makes the boy part look more pronounced....idk.

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Here they are.....I must warn you the boy pic is a little X rated lmao..just kidding but he does like to show his stuff Smile


R_8" alt="" />


Girl pic" alt="" />

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Just for fun

Baby #3
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im having baby girl or baby boy?

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baby boy or baby gilr?

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baby boy or baby girl?

please help

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Wish I coudl help... but I can't tell what's what. :/ Sorry

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Boy or a Girl?

Boy or a Girl ?

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Ultrasound Gender Confuston

I was 20 weeks and 4 days when this u/s was done. I cant tell if the baby is male or female...can anyone help?

gender_zps1eeaecd7.jpg Photo by Bree_Paad | Photobucket

here is the website to see the Ultrasound Picture. It wont let me post the actual picture. Sorry.

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